How would you furnish YOUR lair?

Well, in this thread, the Lovely Lynn was asking for help in furnishing the new Lair of Authority at her house.

My question is, how would you furnish YOUR lair (if you had one?)? Let’s make the room in question 12x12 to cut down on any confusion and to limit the amount of secret dungeons and stuff. After that, its your ballgame.

Here’s mine:

[li]South side of house with 2 very large window seats/boxed in areas. One for me, one for plants, both with high-efficiency Anderson or Peachtree double-hung windows. 2" wood blinds on them for light control.[/li][li]One entire wall of bookshelves to ceiling with one of those cool rolling ladders so I can get to all my books[/li][li]A lovely overstuffed chaise lounge in a corner with a couple down-facing sconce lights at each side[/li][li]A computer…actually in my house, with a super-fast cable modem or some such! (This is truly a dream as I am stuck with using my computer at work - don’t have one at home :slight_smile: ) on an antique Mission-style desk retrofitted in a sneaky way to accommodate the 'puter but not detract from its styling[/li][li]A beautiful wool, hand-knotted Turkish carpet covering a portion of the finished dark wood flooring[/li][li]Painted a soothing deep color; maybe a rich tan or deep mushroom color or something in the periwinkle spectrum[/li][li]A nice ceiling fan to keep things cool in the summer[/li][li]A lock on the door to keep it mine, all mine![/li][/ul]

There’s mine. What’s your’s like?

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Let’s see…

[li]Floor to ceiling bookshelves on at least one wall. (the entire wall). A nice wooden ladder on rollers to get to the top shelves.[/li][li]A kick-butt stereo with hidden speakers[/li][li]A leather chaise[/li][li]A largish television with cable, VCR and DVD.[/li][li]A rolltop computer desk with a computer and cable modem.[/li][li]A leather executive-type chair to match the chaise[/li][li]A leather sofa to match the chaise and executive-type chair with matching ottoman.[/li][li]A mini-fridge for snacks and soda, along with a cabinet for chips, etc.[/li][/ul]

The flooring would be hardwood parquet with an area rug to coordinate with the leather furniture.


Mmm, I like msrobyn’s parquet floors and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves ideas. Also:

– An Anthro computer cart, one bigger than the 24" one I’ve got now. Wood finish, matte-finish black metal frames.
– Throw in high-speed Internet access for my computer while you’re at it. :slight_smile:
– A jukebox.
– A papasan chair, like the one they’ve got at Pier 1, with a cream or black cushion.
– A leather sofa long enough for me to sleep on it without getting neck or back aches.

I like big picture windows with wispy, see-through white curtains, too.

Whoopie cushions. 'Nuff said.

Someday I will have my lair, and it will be:

  1. Part of an underground home.
  2. Floored in flagstone, if possible.
  3. Well-stocked with candles, mainly in wrought-iron holders and lanterns.
  4. Extremely well-provided with more modern lighting.

and will have:

  1. A Chair, the details of which will remain confidential until such time as I secure a patent. :smiley:
  2. A kick-ass computer with all the trimmings. No desk required.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
  4. Several racks for musical instruments and attendant paraphenalia.
  5. Speakers attached to my stereo system (located elsewhere and controlled via the computer).
    10)Elmore prints in nice frames.

Well, I’m cribbing some earlier ideas:

  1. Bookshelves.

  2. Some nice prints, which are already hanging on my apartment walls: a promo poster for the newer cover of “A Wrinkle in Time,” a cover proof for Harlen Ellison’s “Strange Wine,” etc.

  3. Framed comic books. What I have right now are such things as Kingdom Come #1 (signed by Mark Waid), the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (signed), Amazing Spider-Man #361 (the first appearance of Carnage; signed), Spider-Man 2099 #1, and She-Hulk/Spider-Man. Bite me. :slight_smile:

  4. Family photos, such as my grandmother on the day of her high school graduation in 1925. Also is a painting of my great-grandmother (my grandmother’s mother), done my my grandfather.

  5. Roll-top desk.

  6. A giant penny. Every lair must have one piece of giant hardware.