How should the Pit be changed, if at all?

You see the reasons given for naming those posters as trolls. They were stupid reasons. Unfair reasons. The sorts of things bullies and overzealous insular “protectors” use.

I posted my evidence. How anyone interprets it is up to them.

Maybe. I can’t find the post that got him named a troll, but in my notation, it seems that it was because he was a Trump supporter.

By the way: the thread pitting LAZombie got locked. That doesn’t usually happen without the target being banned.

You really should update that list.

The first link from your list leads to this post. A poster opens a thread, their very first thread, complaining about how a site dedicated to misinformation was shut down. So they came here, to a site allegedly dedicated to fighting ignorance.

I’m not calling them a troll, but someone wondering about their motives is hardly an “unfair attack”.

It’s a pity the links don’t work, as I’m not entirely convinced by the characterizations of the reasons they were “driven away”.

I mean, I remember LAZombie and have done a little digging, and the problem wasn’t that he was a “Trump supporter” (although his support for Trump was usually just making up reasons why “liberals are bad” in every forum). He was also a rabid Truther who believed that global warming might be caused by the Earth’s core heating up. He called COVID-19 a “normal flu outbreak” and AIDS a “manufactured crisis”. His bizarre defense of George Zimmerman didn’t win him any friends either.

But if you carefully trim away all that and merely ascribe the reason for disliking him as “support for Trump”, it does rather neatly support your point.

Can we place the same level of reliance on the descriptors of all the other people on that list?

His account says “Suspended”, but I couldn’t find a specific mod note. Last posting March 2020 in myriad COVID threads.

Well, somebody did. Several somebodies:

Looks like he was named a trock here for this post:

So yes. That was an unfair well-poisoning.

To be clear, I am not calling them a troll because speculating on their troll status isn’t allowed in ATMB, not because I have some huge moral opposition to calling someone a troll. My point is that characterizing it as an “unfair attack” is rather off the mark.

Looks to me like they didn’t understand this board or its culture. That’s a far cry from trolling.

And that’s your opinion. Doesn’t mean that anyone with a different opinion is making “unfair attacks”.

My opinion is that it was an unfair attack. Duh.

ETA: Fuck! I forgot that this board still does the delete-the-quote thing. Grrrr…

Are you under the mistaken impression that this was his first post? Because the very next post has a long list of LAZombie posts that people considered evidence of trolling.

Great, you are entitled to that opinion, but thankfully the mods don’t moderate based on your opinion.

Nor on yours.

I think I’ve made my point, particularly with the BigT quote in this post.

The troll-hunter threads are toxic.

That’s true, otherwise there would be a handful of “toe-the-line” posters that would have been shown the door long ago.

Can you give an example of such an exchange in the Pit?
Your argument is more a reason to close GD than to fuck with the Pit.

This thread has a great example of typical newbie behavior:

They probably googled something related to the nuts and bolts holding the space needle in place, found that thread, and posted their reply, not reading the forum rules or even the date on the other replies. They seem friendly enough and one would hope they stick around, but odds are pretty damn good that this will be the only thread they ever post in. No troll accusations needed.

I’m hope I’m wrong and they stick around because new posters is always a good thing. But we’ve seen this happen time and time again. So, sorry @GreysonCarlisle, but without a comparison of your sublist of “people accused as trolls” to the general rate at which new posters leave after a handful of posts, I am not impressed.

Eta: I’m not naming the poster or linking a specific post to avoid accusations of running newbies off

Since they’ve posted over 3,000 times, I’m not too sure that holds up.

You’re not the one I’m hoping to impress.

This illustrates the point about how your side completely skews the narrative. Topix is not a “site dedicated to misinformation.” The only evidence you gave for that is that it allows users to use fake names. THIS BOARD allows you to use fake names. I will assume that your legal name is not “Babale,” correct?

Topix was popular because there was a board in each community. You could talk about local issues. The intelligence level was not as high as this board, but to say that solely because it allows a fake name (which this board does), and that because you can use a fake name it would then be open to the spread of disinformation, that a poster who enjoyed that board needed his motives questioned is absurd beyond belief.

You (the general you) want to drive away posters because they enjoyed another board, the other board disappeared, and now they want to come here? This is the hysteria that many of us are referring to. And that’s bad enough if you feel that way and have to play pretend nice, but we also allow a Pit forum where you can unfairly attack people and drive them away for something so obviously innocuous.

Did you read my post? I didn’t link directly to the newbie post so that you wouldn’t accuse me of driving off another newbie. Use your scroll wheel to find the “welcome new member” post.