How should the Pit be changed, if at all?

Retract? That only strengthens my claim. Mort is just one of those who stuck it out despite being named a troll and a Russian agent. You can’t ask or expect everybody to do that.

Ahhh, OK. So, how long is that list once the incorrect claims are eliminated?

There are no incorrect claims. These are people who were attacked unfairly. A few of them probably were trolls. A few of them stuck around. Most weren’t and most didn’t.

Again, the vast majority of posters on the SDMB register and never post, or register and post a handful of times in one topic before disappearing (often answering a question somebody asked in a decades old thread with a tidbit that had been mentioned five times already in the thread). Do you have any evidence that the rate of people living is greater in the group that is called out as trolls compared to everyone else?

Without a baseline for comparison, we can make ridiculous statements like “marriage is the leading cause of divorce”.

Based on the way most newbies use the Dope, I think it’s far more likely that they never even realized they were pitted.

I’ll leave that as an exercise for the mods who have better tools. In any event, it’s not a good look, and I know that I wouldn’t stick around after some self-appointed schlubs called into question not just my posts or my facts, but my entire purpose for being here.

You’re standing by the claim that his last post was 3/29/2019?

Okay, but now, what exactly what the purpose of that list?

Is it listing the “last post” of those posters named as trolls? Because obviously, if that is the case, your methodology is wrong; MortSahlFan is still actively posting, so his “last post” is definitely not correct in your list; how many others aren’t?

I told you that it was old data.

LAZombie, who got suspended – at least in part – for trolling, was attacked unfairly?

You see the reasons given for naming those posters as trolls. They were stupid reasons. Unfair reasons. The sorts of things bullies and overzealous insular “protectors” use.

I posted my evidence. How anyone interprets it is up to them.

Maybe. I can’t find the post that got him named a troll, but in my notation, it seems that it was because he was a Trump supporter.

By the way: the thread pitting LAZombie got locked. That doesn’t usually happen without the target being banned.

You really should update that list.

The first link from your list leads to this post. A poster opens a thread, their very first thread, complaining about how a site dedicated to misinformation was shut down. So they came here, to a site allegedly dedicated to fighting ignorance.

I’m not calling them a troll, but someone wondering about their motives is hardly an “unfair attack”.

It’s a pity the links don’t work, as I’m not entirely convinced by the characterizations of the reasons they were “driven away”.

I mean, I remember LAZombie and have done a little digging, and the problem wasn’t that he was a “Trump supporter” (although his support for Trump was usually just making up reasons why “liberals are bad” in every forum). He was also a rabid Truther who believed that global warming might be caused by the Earth’s core heating up. He called COVID-19 a “normal flu outbreak” and AIDS a “manufactured crisis”. His bizarre defense of George Zimmerman didn’t win him any friends either.

But if you carefully trim away all that and merely ascribe the reason for disliking him as “support for Trump”, it does rather neatly support your point.

Can we place the same level of reliance on the descriptors of all the other people on that list?

His account says “Suspended”, but I couldn’t find a specific mod note. Last posting March 2020 in myriad COVID threads.

Well, somebody did. Several somebodies:

Looks like he was named a trock here for this post:

So yes. That was an unfair well-poisoning.

To be clear, I am not calling them a troll because speculating on their troll status isn’t allowed in ATMB, not because I have some huge moral opposition to calling someone a troll. My point is that characterizing it as an “unfair attack” is rather off the mark.

Looks to me like they didn’t understand this board or its culture. That’s a far cry from trolling.

And that’s your opinion. Doesn’t mean that anyone with a different opinion is making “unfair attacks”.

My opinion is that it was an unfair attack. Duh.

ETA: Fuck! I forgot that this board still does the delete-the-quote thing. Grrrr…