Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

Good move, because it was apparently a corny joke.

I can’t get access to the page. Is is the old conspiracy theory about Ashkenazim being “fake Jews” descended from the Khazars, or some new insanity?

It’s been cornfielded. Gone.

It was rambling jumbled gibberish of similar type to the guy last month trying to prove something about the existence of God or something with numerology.

Yep. It was insanity based. That’s for sure.

Trockette alert.

Yeah, LAZ has been getting less and less rational. Now he’s started openly admiring every little thing about Donald…

…and concocting a ridiculous straw man, that not even he could believe himself:

[bolding mine]

That crosses the line into “I cannot take this person seriously” territory. Actually, this jumped all the way to “This person is not being honest with us”.

Instead of a small cabin in the woods, he is going for a dilapidated house in Detroit. (This is where he wishes to retire in his late 20s on $50,000.)

His qualifications for doing this are, and I quote, “I don’t know the first thing about home renovation”, plus of course the above-mentioned savings. Yes, I would say that anyone planning to buy a house free and clear without a mortgage, completely gut and renovate it from the ground up, and fund 50 or 60 years of retirement would need around $50K to do it*, so I think at least he’s got the financial end covered!

We all remember Marcus Flavius as the guy who hates the world and everything in it. I don’t want to predict how this is going to end, but I suspect with a considerably elevated level of hate for the world and everything in it.

  • Provided he was doing it sometime around 1760, and the 50K was pounds sterling in colonial currency. He might even be able to afford a serving wench.

If the world is what you make of it, his hatred is reasonable, because he’s making a very hateable mess of it.

Two suspicious entries in Acey’s “Where did all the arms go” thread:

AZ Jim

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I got a comment in before it was locked. Can I get a point?

I just find it amusing that, right now, the next thread in “New Posts”, is “Lies you tell your pets”

Yeah, but -100 points for clicking on the thread.

Fair enough. :smiley:

It looks like something that happens when you leave your account open. I’m thinking about sending him a PM to ask.

I think he’s in the bottle. Not the first time, I believe.

Could have been worse. I misread it as he put hollandaise on his hot dog. Yuck!

That’s not worse…