How sleazy is this board?

Appologies if this one’s been up before, I did a quick search & couldn’t seem to find it.
Sleaze test
At 189 I’m considered a ‘danger to society’
That’s about right :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve put this up on a few other boards I frequent, I’m interested in seeing how they compare.

This test doesn’t make much sense to me. The questions about selling drugs to support a drug habit, staying stoned or drunk for more than 48 hours, etc. kind of make sense. But then they get into things like "ever had oral sex?’ “ever had unprotected sex?”, etc. I’ve done all these things with my husband, therefore, don’t see how anyone can see them as sleazy!

Don’t see how a test that equates varied sexual positions with necrophelia can be very valid - that said if you are over 40 years old and don’t qualify as a “danger to society” you have led (no insult intended) a fairly sheltered life.

Is that bad?

Huh? I took it and just pressed every button and got 324.

Then I took it for real and ended up with 527.

I’m not evil. The test is.

It just looked like a modified version of the purity test to me - and I’ve taken those before, so I decided not to take this one.

Now every button gives me 626.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been drunk for the last 48 hours after having sex with someone of the same sex in the same day as licking a dead relative’s eyeball during a pub crawl.

86: Normal, but a really boring date. Geez even with all the drugs I did in college!

I agree. I know it’s a silly test, but there are too many things that strike me as “reasonable within context,” as it were, such as marriage, long-term committed relationship,as well as the category of “dumb thing done once.”

For the record, I got 167. Must try harder.

“Lame-ass”, and that’s with me exaggerating a bit–I wake up all the time not remembering what I did last night. That’s just a matter of me not being interested in what I did last night. It’s just like not remembering what I ate for breakfast or what I said to my friend in the hall between Fifth and Sixth.

Here’s the number when I take everything in a purely sexual/sleazy context, rather than the broader context I used the first time:

  1. Meh.

And really: sex with a relative gets you fewer points than anal sex? The scoring system is ridiculous!

Jack - it sounds like they aren’t clearing out the score field when you retake the test.

What a load off my mind.

Well … I’m off to sell some Magic Mushrooms to support my necrophilia habit. I hope I don’t fall down.

92, apparently. :slight_smile:

  1. Damn’ I’m a really boring date. :frowning:

I agree with the craziness of some of the scores. Just having sex (6 points) is more sleazy that having sex with a relative (5 points)? Sheesh. That’s some oddly pointing moral compass.

I think it’s cumulative. In other words, 6 points for the sex plus an additional 5 if it’s with a relative: 11 total.

I got 55. “Live a little!” lol, sorry.

You get sleaze points for having been on a date?

I’m 44 years old I’d be more worried if I hadn’t been on a date.

Perhaps Lodrain and I should start going to Sunday School together. Unless Lodrain is female, in which case that would be far too risque.

  1. Gotta admit I love that beasteality