How tall is a child Playmobil figure? (need answer fast-ish)

Parents, toy collectors, I need help for a project I’m doing for a young birthday boy. I bought him a neat Playmobil camping set, but the set does not contain sleeping bags. If I was four I’d consider this an upsetting oversight, so I’m going to sew up some sleeping bags for the tiny family.

The problem is that it won’t get here until just before I need to bring it to his aunt’s house, and I don’t have access to a child figure. I’ve got an adult (3") and an infant (almost 1.5") on hand but no kids :frowning: As far as I can tell all the children, boy or girl, are the same height.

If you or your child(ren) have any of these figures, could you measure them for me?


A child-sized sleeping bag is part of the Children’s Pony Farm (Set 5222).

If you look at the pdf of the set instructions its part number is 30803593.

Andthis online store in Germany lists the size of the sleeping bag as 64mm x 42mm.

This places never ceases to amaze me.

Now, I so want one of those play sets. :slight_smile: