How to change avatar?

Thanks, and no rush.


  1. Top right select your icon (avatar)
  2. Your username
  3. Preferences

It’s called Profile Picture. I still cannot find the size requirements. The Discourse manual sucks.

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Go into your profile, choose preferences. There’s an “Profile Picture” with a pencil. Click that and upload your avatar. I just did one at 130x130 pixels, I don’t know if there’s a limit. It still shows small in-thread but if you click on someone’s avatar, you get a “card” that lists some basic stats and a larger version of their avatar.

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I just loaded a larger version at 260x260. Looks like it’s scaled to 120x120 automatically.

ETA: It displays in thread at 45x45 and 120x120 in the pop up “card”.


I just upload one at 600x716 pixels.

Thanks, all.

My avatar was ported over, but it displays as a circle, so it doesn’t show the whole thing.

You will have to edit your avatar so it will fit inside the circle. That’s what I had to do.

My sucks as well.

If you use Sam’s Simple, it won’t be a problem.

Changed my avatar. Not really liking it.

This is too subjective to comment on

I’m getting a message that the limit is 0kb.

I’m trying to upload a better version of mine. It’s a 564x441 jpg. I keep getting a popup that says “Discourse::InvalidAccess”

Might be too big. Discourse will reduce it to 120x120 anyways, there’s no advantage to a larger size.
The 120 is for the “profile card”, it’s displayed at 45x45 in the thread.

Yep, I cropped and resized, and it worked. I hadn’t tried because I read elsewhere that I wouldn’t need to.

I had cropped and resized too and it didn’t work. I tried uploading the same photo again this morning and now it did. Huh.

Hmm, well now that I have to use an avatar here i’ve gotta find a good one!

Gotta be Thufir Hawat. :grinning:

I never used an avatar on the old site, but I see they’re pretty much required here. So I’ve selected one based on my initial reaction to the new site.