Need some help with uploading an avatar pic please

Ok so first off, how do mega pixels relate to MB? the pic I’d like to use is 2.68MB in heic format (which discourse doesn’t seem to recognize) and 4.26MB in jpeg format which discourse does recognize but says is too big. both formats are 4032x3024.
what needs to change and why does discourse act like I didn’t submit anything for upload when I choose the heic file when heic is listed as one of the accepted file formats? again, how do megapixels relate? I honestly don’t know.

AFAIK, you can’t post images directly here, as that feature was disabled. What you can do is include the URL of an image from elsewhere, and it will show up in the post, resized to fit if necessary.

I personally prefer uploading to Imgur. Then, after it says the image is uploaded, right click and copy the URL for the image. (Do not use the provided URL on the side–it will just link to the page or album, not the image.)

Note, I believe Imgur (like most image sites) will only accept graphic files all web browsers can handle, so you’ll likely have to use the JPEG.

He’s talking about an avatar pic, the one picture you can upload.

I believe file size is the only thing that matters. It’s easy to downsize the image you have, that’s the easiest way.

Oops. I somehow skipped the title when I clicked. So I missed that this is an avatar pic. The board does allow you to upload avatar pics.

While I don’t know the exact dimensions or maximum file size allowed for an avatar pic, it is quite likely your avatar exceeds both. Images in the megabytes or megapixels are likely too big.

My avatar at its full size is 120px by 120px, and only 5 KB (that is, 0.005 megabytes). You probably need to reduce your image down to around that size to upload it as an avatar.

If you’re unsure how to do this, this site seems quite straightforward:

The defaults use a JPEG and the highest image quality (91%), which would likely be good for you.

Why are you trying to upload a 12 MPix image for an avatar? Are you going to be browsing the SDMB at IMAX?
(4032 x 3024 = 12,192,768 pixels or 12.192 MPIX)

If you’re still having difficulties, upload the jpg image somewhere (like ImgBB or Imgur or Google Drive) and post the link here. I’ll resize it for you so it’s suitable for an avatar.

if i have a png clipart image, can I upload it as an avatar?

never mind - figured it out.

I believe HEIC support was recently added, but you’re best off sticking with the classic JPEG (for painting style images) or PNG (for cartoon style images).