How to create your Startup

[li]Pick two words at random: Blank, Butter[/li][li]Combine them: Blutter[/li][li]Remove a letter: Bluttr[/li][li]Add “fish”: Bluttrfish[/li]or
[li]Add “ify”: Bluttrify[/li][li]Create a simple business logo that reveals absolutely nothing about your business[/li][li]Pepper the business description with words like “mobile,” “social” and “cloud”[/li][/ul]

Congratulations! You have a Startup.

“Bluttrfish embraces collaborative e-business by utilizing social media and mobile apps to create Cloud Synergy by spinning cycles effectively to orchestrate End-to-End Convergences. Click here to integrate real-time bandwidth today!”


Mad that someone managed to convince an investor out of five million dollars with that setup while you haven’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m reminded of the book “The Manual (How to have a number one the easy way)” by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty.