How To Find Music...

I thought of putting this in General Questions, but since it concerned music (an art), I figured the Cafe would probably be a better place for it.

So, here’s the deal: over the years I’ve heard various songs on the radio and such that I like. But the stupid stations never give the artist’s name or the song title. The best I could figure out was whether the vocalist was male or female, and perhaps the type of music (rock, alternative, etc,).

SO: how do I go about finding these songs in a fairly non-random manner? might help. My experiments aren’t good, but that’s maybe because I like music nobody else does :smiley:

A lot of radio stations have a playlist on their website. At least in my area, they will have a list of songs and artists in the rotation. If you’re familiar with the bands at all (general style is a big way to tell) you can usually narrow it down quite a bit from that.

I heard a song that I liked on my favorite radio station and didn’t know what it was. I checked out the contact info on their website and sent an email to their music director. I got a reply with all the information I needed within a few days.
Maybe you could try something like that with your radio station.

I found this and it’s worked pretty well so far.

It doesn’t always work, but many times I’ve found that Google works great for any music that has lyrics (of course it doesn’t work for purely instrumental music).

What I do is go to google and type in “lyrics + [distinctive word #1 from the song] + [distinctive word #2 from the song] + …”

It’s important to try to identify distinctive words from the song, i.e. words that don’t tend to appear in lots and lots of songs.

Usually I wind up at a site that gives all the lyrics for that song as well as identifying the song name and performer name.

On you can select a city and a radio station and can look up what songs they’re playing.

well…hum it for me.

Generally when I get a customer that just heard a song and has no idea who or what it was, I try to get them to remember a line…just one distinct line…or the hook or something. Then I google it. “line from the song”+lyrics. This works really well if it is a very popular song…or really new. It just sucks when the only line the customer got was “I love you, baby” or some such generic thing. Then I hope that I just can figure it out. Another thing is that if you do remember the chorus…a part of it may be the title of the song. Just go to (the best music research site ever) and type a few guesses in. It will bring up anything close. You may be able to figure it out this way.

Or just call your local cool record store. Someone in the store should know…or they have the resources to find out. It’s what we are here for (in part–this is my favorite part of the job).

I am going to check out some of the links that have been mentioned thus far.

I’ve had 100% luck using Google. Click on “Advanced Search” and in the top field type the word “lyrics,” then in the second field (exact phrase, etc.) type three or four words in the same order they appear in the song (no commas, etc.) Then hit Enter. You should get all sorts of info on the song’s lyrics and who performs it.

You don’t even need to use Advanced Search. Just type the lyrics in quotes, then the word “lyrics.” Like so:

"milkshake brings all the boys to the" lyrics

If googling really doesn’t work, bring it here to CS. Someone will probably know it.

The iTunes Music Store lets you browse by radio charts – you pick a city and a station, then they list all the songs played by the station that’s available for sale from them.