how to get people to stop smoking

Colour the cigarettes black. I think part of their appeal is they look so darn innocuous. This just came to me this morning because I’m sick AND hungover and someone was trying to get their puppy to smoke.

Check back when I can think properly.

Well, they’re out there. Don’t know how popular they are, though.

You can get black cigarettes (at least, you could 8 years ago). When I was at school, one of my friends used to get them from time to time. They were comparatively expensive, but they were slightly longer than a standard cigarette so you’d smoke fewer. Everyone thought they looked really cool, and used to beg him to trade with them.

He also used to get coloured cigarettes from time to time - you know, pink, yellow, green, blue. They were called Rainbow cigarettes, I think, and were made by the same people as the black ones.

Making them black isn’t a discouragement.

And always remember: If you smoke after sex, you’re doing it too fast.

I usually fall asleep before I notice.

Black? Why stop there? You can get 'em in any color ya want. Looks like a damn box of Crayolas.

Uncle Beer! They were the ones!! Fantasia, not Rainbow.

Here are the black ones.

I know it’s a hijack, but if you really want to get the kiddies not to want to smoke, burn everyone’s left hand at the age of 5 with a cigarette. No, my parents were not child-abusers–I ran into a stranger who was holding their cigarette at their side. The entire cherry fell into my hand. Being the dumb kid that I was, I sat and looked at it for a couple seconds. Other than giving me a mild paranoia whenever I walk in big crowds near smokers, I haven’t ever wanted to smoke, and it was pretty easy for me to tell my right from my left.

easy e,

Any thoughts on how to get kids to not want to masturbate? :smiley:

I am up way too late, and my brain is not right.

(end hijack)