How to integrate Playstation 2 USB headset into TV speakers

Exactly how can I integrate the “Logitech® USB Headset (for PlayStation®2)” into to my TV speakers on my Play Station 2 game, Socom 2(Special Operations Command)?

Currently when you play the game, the ambient sounds (footsteps, water splashes, gunfire, grenade explosions) are all heard through the TV speakers. And all the radio communications are heard and spoken through the headset, which consists of a single earphone and boom-mic that connects to the USB port on the front of the Play Station 2 console.

How can I get the radio comms “into” the TV speakers?

The original headset that came with my game has this **odd box ** mid-cable:

I imagine I need to open that box and see if I can tap into the wires that feed the speaker for the earpiece. If I can figure that out, how can I get “into” the TV speakers?

I expect a trip to Radio Shack to get a special RCA –splitter-one-way-input (diode)-thingy, but this is a real stab in the dark.

I’d like to run it to an amplifier with a volume control, so I can quiet or increase the volume according to my environment. (grenades at 2am do not make a happy home) :wink:

I would even settle with having an amplified pc speaker sitting next to my Play station 2C with the radio communications and wear the microphone only.

Any electrically savvy / audiophile dopers, I respectfully solicit your suggestions / directions.

I’m sure you’ve looked into this but I’ll mention it anyway.

Does the game have an audio option that sends the radio comms through to the speakers? Rainbow Six on Xbox has a similar setup with the radio comming through the headset but it can be changed to come through the speakers.

Sadly it does not.
I fear my question is to specialized anyhow. :smack: oh well.