New TV. Need to hook up PS2 and computer speakers. Can someone help? (pics included)

I bought a new 22" LCD TV for my bedroom. I want to use a small set of computer speakers/subwoofer with a mini jack and hook up my playstation.

I think there is probably an adapter for the mini plug, but I don’t see a way to have the PS-2 connected and the speakers.

Here’s a few pics of the back:

Playstation connected:

one more:

Available input/outputs :

Speakers and jack:
My old LCD had a mini jack output, so it was pretty simple. Help.

You need somewhere to plug in the speaker plug. All the jacks shown in the pictures are for inputs to the TV. Is there any kind of audio output jackfrom the TV? Maybe in the front?

Also, on the first three pictures, you’re showing audio (red,white) and video (yellow) from the PS/2 going into the TV, but what’s the HDMI cable from?

I would assume a DVD/BD player.

If those truly are all the connections you have, then there is no way to connect the external speakers. Even with some kind of adapter, I didn’t see any Audio OUT jack. Take a look around the entire unit for a headphone jack, that would probably be your best bet…I assume this TV has integrated speakers, right?

Also, I should add that have the PS/2 won’t complicate things at all since that’s only tying up inputs, what you need is an output.

Audio is available on your HDMI output connector, but you will need an adaptor to get to it. Here is one from Amazon:

Where do you see an HDMI out on that TV? I can’t see one in those pictures, I’m assuming it has 2 HDMI ins.

Quintas, probably the cheapest thing for you to do is to buy one of these from Monoprice. The red and whit audio cords from the PS2 go into one end, and the 1/8" cable from the speakers goes into the other.

Edit: That’s assuming you don’t want to use the integrated speakers I’m assuming your TV has. If you do, Monoprice also sells RCA splitters. Buy a couple of those, and a couple extra RCA cables, and you’ll be golden.

I’m looking again, but I think the ones in back are all there is

Cable box. Coaxial into cable box, HDMI out to TV.