How to keep a fitted sheet tight

Apparently all mattresses these days are much thicker than the nine-inch one I bought about 20 years ago. And apparently all sheets these days (or at least all the ones I’ve seen in my price range online and in stores) are made for mattresses several inches thicker than mine.

As a result, so-called fitted sheets don’t fit. Roll over once or twice, and they bunch all up like…ummm…a really wrinkly thing.

Since I don’t feel like spending several hundred to a thousand bucks on a new mattress for the sake of some $60 sheets, I’m left trying to make these loose sheets fit my “thin” mattress.

I’ve done some Googling and found this thing which looks promising, if somewhat complicated and a tad pricey for something that I suspect may not work as advertised.

Then there’s this, about which I’m extremely skeptical, since it doesn’t provide any tension across the width of the mattress, which is where the wrinkles form. (But it inspired me to take a couple of my old clip-on pants suspenders and try them across the the width of the mattress. The results were unsatisfactory.)

Bed Bath and Beyond has these things, although one user review I saw of them (somewhere) said they didn’t work very well and recommended ordinary binder clips like you’d use for clipping a stack of papers together. I may try that.

Do you have any suggestions, short of buying a new mattress?

I have the opposite problem from yours (my sheets are not deep enough for the mattress), but the same results (sheets popping off and wrinkling under me).

I use sheet suspenders, which BB&B also carries, and they work very well. You don’t have to go corner to corner, you can go from the top of one side to the bottom of the other side and get more side tension that way. Also, they are adjustable as to length, if you want to go straight across.

I’ve tried something very similar to the first picture, those things always popped out. And I also tried the third item you showed, and I couldn’t even figure out how to get them onto the mattress.


Drawstring fitted sheets stay put better than any other sheet with no need for suspenders or clips. They are tight and smooth all the time and self adjust to the mattress thickness. There is nothing more comfortable that nice smooth sheets. It’s like the first time getting in bed with new sheets. You just slide right in. Drawstring sheets give you that just made feeling night after night. Also the drawstring is tightened at the side of the mattress so there is no problem figuring out where the side is. Just search drawstring sheet to find them.

Apparently available in any color you want, as long as it’s white.

Just to note my suspicion: I can only find one brand/supplier of sheets that meet this description on Google, which combined with the registration date of this poster makes me wonder if this is PR.

On the other hand, it does seem like a good idea. Which makes me also wonder why there is only one choice in this area, perhaps there is some drawback that is not immediately obvious.

They’re cheap enough that I might try one, just to see. Or, since I’m getting a new mattress anyway, I might just buy sheets that fit it.

Binder clips are the solution to all our problems today.