How to listen to WFMT online?

So I go to WFMT’s “Listen Live” page, where it says “Click on any of the streams below to begin listening” . . . only there are no streams below. Ditto the “Streaming” page.

What am I missing? I’ve completely given up, after spending like 20 minutes trying to find a streaming audio link.

Are you using Firefox? I checked it and didn’t see any streams either, but do when I open the page in Internet Explorer.

yeah. how to fix this? i don’t wanna use ie.

Is there a plugin?

If you have Windows, you already have IE, so you can use the IE Tab add-on for Firefox.

Once you have it installed, right-click on the Firefox/IE icon in the bottom bar of your Firefox browser (that’s the IE Tab icon) and you can add the URL of that stream page to your list of “always open in IE” sites in IE Tab.

Do you have iTunes? You’ll find their stream in the radio section under the classical section.

I just opened the page in FF on my Mac and saw the links for streams.

I have Firefox and I see streams…to cut and paste:

It’s Adblock Plus at work. Disable it for the site and reload the page.

Awesome! Thanks guys! WFMT and no MSIE! Win-win!

This site is a good way to find streaming audio for any station. I use it from my phone sometimes, but it kills my battery.