How to make an online interactive test on my website?

Let’s see if I can describe what I want correctly: I have a website, and I want to put an interactive test on it. Meaning, I want to put multiple choice questions on the test, and have the results of it graded immediately. I also want to have a password to take the test, with only one chance to take the test, meaning, I will have the results recorded somewhere, and the test taker will not be able to redo same.
I used to be proficient in HTML, and am familiar with C++, but I’m not sure if that is what kind of program I will need, and I want to create my own, unless I can get a program ultra-cheap or free.

Can anyone give me any info?


Well, there are on-line web sites with web-based apps for creating things like that. Take a look, for example, at – I don’t know anything specifically about it, but check out what capabilities it has. Hunt around, I’m sure there are others like that too.

If you want to write your own web site with your own bare naked HTML from the ground up, you will need to know PHP (or perhaps .aspx type of stuff), SQL and how to get into a database using PHP, and have access to a web server that provides you all of these goodies. Chances are, you’ll want to use JavaScript in your pages too, or maybe even Java, and a good knowledge of CSS never hurts these days.

ETA: Read up on cgi scripting too, which allows you to write programs or scripts in a variety of languages that can interact with users via web pages.

You can set up tests like this quite easily in JavaScript (combined with an HTML form). I did something similar once for a class I was teaching. It was not very difficult. It graded the test and automatically emailed the results to me. The hardest part was encoding the correct answers into the script in such a way that they cold not be easily read off by anyone viewing the code. However you do it, though, it is going to be difficult to reliably insure that someone does not take the test again under another name. I suppose you could put a cookie on their computer (which JavaScript can do), but they can always delete the cookie or use another browser or another computer. Maybe you could check IP addresses, but that too can be circumvented, and might cause problems for different people who happen to be on the same network. Even the SDMB is not entirely able to eliminate socks.

If you want to ensure that someone does not have a second go under their own name, all you have to do is accept their first result and simply ignore any subsequent tries. That is how I handled that with my students.

If you’re going to be doing this on a regular basis, look into the open-source education framework Moodle. It lets you do tests, quizzes, homework, re-grades, logins, etc.

I personally hate it (my school uses it) because the interface is horrid, but at least it works. And it’s free. It’s a powerful package, just annoying to use and even worse to set up… made by geeks, for geeks. Good luck.

What is your website running on? I can almost guarantee you can find a WordPress plug-in to do exactly what you want, if you’re using WordPress. That feature is also in Microsoft Sharepoint, if you’re using that. Whatever CMS you are using might already have the feature you want, it might just be a matter of finding a plugin.

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