How to memorialize someone in a professional environment?

(Taking a guess as to the correct forum to ask about this)

I came back from my holiday weekend to learn that one of our doctors (the one who founded our practice, in fact) had died on Memorial Day. :frowning:

He was a great guy, very talented and knowledgable, as well as a sort of “daddy” to the practice. He had been fighting cancer for a couple of years now (although I’m not entirely certain his death was directly cancer-related) so we were expecting this somewhat, but it’s still sad.

Anyway, several of us in the office have discussed doing something to signify that the practice is in mourning. Nothing major, per se, but something like a lapel pin/ribbon, armband, etc. The practice (as an entity) has ordered a wreath “in memory” for the waiting room area, but I’m kind of stumped, as are the other people working on it.

Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions for something we could do as a slightly more tangible reminder of our loss? I’d appreciate any suggestions - including “do nothing” (but explain why.)

sigh It’s been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday. The funeral isn’t until Sunday, so we’ve got a way to go yet, too.

Thanks for any & all suggestions.

What about a donation in the Drs name to a local medical facility in exchange for a memorial placard?

That’s a great idea; however, I believe the family is working on that. I’ll suggest it, though. Maybe we can hit a different facility.

I’m hoping for ideas of something to be done around the office by the staff; probably something wearable although that’s not automatically a requirement.


Did he have a favorite color? A colored ribbon pin might be nice. Or maybe a favorite sport/sports team that he was into? You could then memorialize him by wearing that sport/team logo (on a hat or jersey or whatever)

I definitely think it’s important to take a good look at who he was and what made him special… and then build from that.

I’m sorry for your loss.