How to replace Windows Live Mail?

I just got a new computer. My old one had Windows XP and I used Outlook Express for email. It worked fine.
Now I have Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail. It sucks!

It is NOT intuitive. It lists all the emails as threads, with each reply under it’s original …(which may be useful for some people.)…but I want to list and arrange them by date, or by senders’s name, etc…and I can’t find a way to do this. Also–it is completely screwed up with foreign language fonts…it can’t combine English with Hebrew.

All these problems were totally non-existant on my old computer.
I want a new email program!

(I am a total luddite and computer-phobe, so please speak in simple words. :slight_smile: )

  1. Bookmark the web portal for whatever email service you prefer.

  2. Install an email client of any kind you like. Many here will likely suggest Thunderbird, which is free and has an endless list of features, many of which you can ignore and use it in a very simple one-user, one-account mode.

There is absolutely nothing fixed about the default Windows solution, whatever it may be.

Dig around in the view options. (Not at home right now, so can’t tell you exactly) MY Live client on Win7 shows individual emails, not threads, just like a real email client. It doesn’t even try to group them by “today”, “yesterday”…

These are all display options. Google quickly finds me:

Now, if only I could figure out how to put back the emails that my Apple OSX client accidentally downloaded off Windows Live mail.
be sure your client does not have the option “and delete from server” if you choose a different client.


My old downloaded emails have been sitting in a sub-folder POP in Deleted Items for the last 6 months. Just dragged them back into the land of the living folders. Good thing I never did “Empty deleted items”.