How To Reset File Associations To The Default?

I need to reset all the file associations to the default. I cleaned up my computer and got rid of a lot of software I no longer used. But that software had made changes and those changes did not uninstall. Is there a way to either get a list so I can do them individually, or a method to change them all back to the original defaults?

WinXP Home OS

I don’t think there is an option to reset all file associations to the defaults. I think you are going to have to reset these manually. I’m not sure if there is a way to obtain a list of file types associated with the programs you uninstalled. I think your best bet is to change these manually as you encounter them.

I’ll dig around more to see if I can find any more info.

I would appreciate it. If there is not a list, I will probably go ahead an reinstall Windows. I have been googling like mad trying to correct this. It is serious enough to force me to reinstall, as I have pretty much cleaned out my software, everything from .bin, .cue, .dat, .jpg etc all open with programs I have uninstalled. I was doing it as I go, but nothing more annoying then wanting to open something, then going to google to find out what should open it.

And in the future, I will be more aware when installing and not allow the program I install to be the default. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to try it, but in XP, under the control panel, add or remove programs, there’s the “Set Program Access and Defaults” that might help with some of this. Also, from any explorer window (i.e., open up any folder), you can go to “Folder Options” and “File Types” to get a list of all the different extensions. From this one screen you can go through and make the changes.