How to start a gas war

A gas station in my neck of the woods dropped its prices last night to 54.1 cents/litre.

Saturday night one man was killed by the pumps… apparently as a revenge killing by the Hells Angels.


OK, I’ll bite.

Are you trying to say that this murder had something to do with the price of petrol?

Also, could you please say where and when this happened, and link to a news article if available?

I usually start a gas war by eating a lot of broccoli, beans, cheese, and for full potency, eggs.

Where I live it’s $1.69. Yesterday it was $1.58. I weep for the future.

Are you kidding me? This morning it was $1.83. I weep that I don’t live in neptune’s neck of the woods.

To the broccoli, beans, cheese & eggs please add the following:

WOW chips

I don’t know, I paid 1.99 at lunch, and that was at the cheap place. You gotta love San Jose.

Hell, I just want to know what he did to those pumps. Who cares about the price of gas when there are maniac gas pumps on the prowl?

[sub]sorry. I really couldnt’ resist[/sub]

Link to a news article? Nah, but here’s a synopsis.

Sunday morning in Vancouver a man was shot and killed when he walked out of a gas station. The shooter fled on foot.

After a few days the Vancouver Police Dept reveal the dead man is ‘a person of interest’ in the March shooting of a Hells Angel member. That, combined with the victim wearing a bullet-proof vest, makes police think this was a planned hit.

3 days later the gas station-- which has been prominently mentioned in newscasts and newspapers all over town-- drops its prices to 54.1 cents a litre. Gas was about 79 cents.

Price drops follow all over Vancouver. Massive line-ups ensue. I pay a whopping $1.48 to fill the tank on my scooter.

And I just picture a guy riding a hawg thinking “hey, we should do this more often!”

and as for the pumps… I think he just bled on them. :wink: