How to transfer a file from Win10 to Mac

I’ve never had to interact with an Apple product before. I need to send an mp3 music file to my sister. I use Windows 10 and Android phones, she uses iPhone and whatever the Apple/Mac laptops are called.

In my ignorance, I’m hoping it’s this simple:
1- On my Windows machines, I copy my mp3 file (“TC’s Song For His Beloved Little Sister” not that it matters) onto a USB thumbdrive. Either USB 3 or USB 2.
2- Using USA Classic Snail Mail, I send the USB TD to sister.

3- Sister plugs USBTD into her MacLaptop, imports the mp3.

4- Sister then moves/copies mp3 into her iPhone.

Is it this simple? Will she have to move the mp3 into iTunes or some such cloud in order to get it into her phone?

Thanks in advance.

Your procedure sounds OK, but if I were you I would just e-mail the file.

Make sure the drive is FAT32 or exFAT format, FAT16 if you must. Most come formatted FAT32 by default.

For 1 file, emailing is easier and cheaper. Assuming she autosyncs from iTunes, just drag into an iTunes window.

Actually, a regular NTFS formatted USB stick should work just fine. His sister’s Mac should be able to read NTFS without a problem; it’s only when Macs try to write to NTFS that they run into trouble.

Good news. Thanks!

Maybe no one has ever done this before.
That’d what did :
Synced files from Windows computer to my Android phone , then connect my Android to Mac for moving the files ,
All you need is an USB cable to connect Android to computer /Mac .

Mostly true. But a FAT format is less problematic. Also if a drive has 2 partitions in different formats, OSX Disk Utility has problems dealing with it. At least in either El Capitan or Sierra.


Jesus, that is unnecessarily cumbersome. Just email her the song. It’s an .mp3, it can’t be that large.

Obviously, of course, and understood, but I have a reason for doing it this way.

Thanks again for the replies. Over and out.