How to unhose dpi scaling issue in Windows 7

My brother managed to use the dpi scaling settings in Windows 7 Home premium to make his desktop all but unreadable.

After a long bout of Q&A with him I finally figured out what he did, but I can’t fix it because I can’t see enough of any screens to adjust it back.

Anyone know any fixes I can try while “blind?”



Push Windows + (the plus sign) to zoom in until you can see things.

Then just use option 3 here:

To reset the DPI settings via a registry entry.

Actually everything is too large. I have already used;

CTRL - (minus sign)
turning the resolution to as low as possible

Based on what my brother remembers he did, he adjusted the dpi scaling – I pulled out my laptop and he identified the horizontal slider bar the dpi scaling uses

Then just use the registry hack I listed above and restart his computer.

Try loading it in safe mode.

Thank you…a belated thanks, anyhow. This solved my problem!

Great :slight_smile: