How to write on somebody's wall in FaceBook

This could be proof that I am coming down with Alzheimer’s… but I was going to write on a friend’s wall to wish her a happy birthday. But after clicking on the link to her profile, I don’t see a field anywhere on the page to write on her wall.

I’m sure it’s a :smack: thing… but please tell me that field used to be at the top of the page.

There’s a row of icons near the top now (post, post a link, post a picture). You have to click on one of those to post on the wall. I had the same exact thing happen to me this morning when I was trying to write Happy Birthday on someones wall. Those damned aluminum pots and pans…

Ah, it’s that button that <sarcasm type=“dripping” mood=“scornful”>clearly, unambiguously</sarcasm> says Post.

Ironically enough, I applied for, and did not get, a job as a UI designer and programmer at Facebook. And now you see what happens when they hire somebody else. :dubious:

There is also a setting that makes so that no one can post on your wall, but it sounds like you already found your answer.

I was wondering if that might be it, so looked at a few other friend’s. I was thinking surely all my friends weren’t getting a case of the heebie jeebies about something…

Nah, Facebook’s schizophrenic.