What happened to the Facebook 'enter' button?

It’s gone! When did that happen? I typed out a message and it says ‘press enter button’ to send, but there isn’t any ‘enter button’. (It’s been months since I checked Facebook at all, but I’m pretty sure I used to be able to post a comment.)

I’m sorry, but I’m really, really ignorant about computer things. My computer geek who fixes this stuff is unavailable right now.

I have Firefox - I think it needs an update, so if I do that, will I be able to reply to my friends postings on their Facebook page? Or is there something else I need to do? Is there information on Facebook, and if so, what am I supposed to be looking for?

The enter key.

They took away the clickable “post” button in most places. It’s annoying because you can’t add white space.

You can use Shift Enter on a computer, but as usual, Facebook is extremely unfriendly to mobile devices.

DOH! It worked - had me stumped for a while.


Shift Enter works to add a new paragraph. The bigger change is that you can now edit posts – click on the X as though you’re deleting it and you find you can change the text.

This doesn’t work for me. :confused:

You mean unfriendly to users in general. Removing that button added no functionality whatsofuckingever and made it more awkward to post.

I find Facebook very useful in some ways. My three best friends live in far distant time zones, and FB is the easiest way for me to interact with them and keep the friendship vibrant. So I put up with its crap, but that doesn’t mean it ISN’T crap.

Submerged, to edit the post you must do so in the first minute or two. Afterwards all you can do is delete it.

The enter button is on the right hand side of your keyboard. Usually found roughly above the right shift button and below the backspace button.

Beavers have to build dams. Programmers have to program.

Thanks. Weird, still does not work for me. I did a test post then hit the delete X about 10 seconds later. All I get is the usual option to delete. No edit option. Hmm.

Plus the way they recently fucked up how messages are viewed. It used to be that you sent a person a message, and all replies to that first message were in the same thread. Now, all messages that you’ve *ever *sent to a person are jumbled together in one massive thread and there is no way to reply to an individual message. It’s idiotic, I don’t see how this is helpful or an improvement in any way.

So let’s say you need to find some piece of info that you were sent 6 months ago, instead of going to that date, you now have to scroll down through hundreds of random messages reading all of them until you find the one you are looking for. :rolleyes:

I’m sorry, but this made me laugh. I can just imagine you getting your computer friend to help you out, telling him the problem and then watching as he stares at you for a few moments before pressing the enter key for you.


Nm. I was going to talk about how before you couldn’t make separate paragraphs without them being squashed together in a Facebook post/response but I realized that they could have added that functionality without taking away the button.

Looks like it was brought in to integrate messages, texts, chats and emails, but it is really incredibly badly thought out.

Well…I MEANT to ask, “where did the clickable ‘post’ button go on Facebook”, didn’t realize ‘enter’ meant push the ‘enter’ key on my computer. :o. (hey, I said I was really, really ignorant about computer things :o)

YES. Jesus Christ I don’t know why but this change is what angers me the most. I even sent them a message in their feedback section, and it takes a lot to get me to do that because I know it won’t achieve anything. I told them this was the dumbest idea since New Coke. Sometimes you don’t want to resend old messages, hello? It’s nice to at least have the option of starting a whole new conversation. How could a social networking site not understand that? And to take away the subject line, too? Some of us use Facebook for professional reasons, and to not be able to add a subject line anymore is very frustrating. I’m all for upgrading a product, but some of these “improvements” are just asinine.

I never used to use the enter button when it was there. Like on here, all you have to do is hit tab and then spacebar after composing a message (either in advanced mode or quick reply) (or hit tab twice if you want to preview).
Works on FB, too, when the “enter” button is there.

While my keyboard does have buttons on it, the things we type with are called keys, not buttons. That’s why it’s called a keyboard instead of a buttonboard.

Now, the small graphics on a webpage that you click with a mouse, THOSE are called buttons.

There’s a check box underneath that can be used to turn off “Quick Reply Mode”.

So I’m the only one who likes this change? It makes posting comments faster for me, and I’m used to pressing “enter” when I want to post some text as that’s how it goes in most chat programs…

The private messages/inbox thing is very annoying though.