How valid is the claim that there is hatred against whites from POC everywhere?

A fellow recently told me how he believes that hatred against whites is everywhere in America and to see, I need to go out more. I’m taking his claims with a grain of salt due to previous things he’s said, but I wanted to ask, how valid is his claim?

What does this mean?
There are certainly some “POC” in all parts of the country that hate some “whites.”
Just like the converse.

Where do you find these people, especially given that you say you’re introverted and have social issues?

“A fellow recently told me how he believes that hatred against whites is everywhere in America and to see, I need to go out more.”

“So I’ve been chatting with someone for some time now and I recently found out they are a part of the ‘seduction’ community.”

“What do you think of the claim that the students from the massacre are ‘too young’ to speak?
I’ve had some people tell me that the students are too young to know what they are talking about. What are your views on this claim?”

“Let a Tragedy be a Tragedy, what are your thoughts on this statement?
So I was debating with someone on the recent shooting and here is what they said:”

“An idiot told me why he doesn’t support BLM
Here are his statements:”


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In my experience when people say this, what they really mean is that whites are losing their position of privilege.

When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression

In my experience when people say this they are right, because for the last several decades - and the most recent one especially - the left has been doing everything it can to sow division and anger toward whites in general, with white men coming in for the lion’s share of it. Instead of preaching and advocating for mutual understanding and togetherness and seeking to bring people together in this country that used to be a melting pot, they cook up things like ‘white privilege’ and ‘cultural appropriation’, which serve to foster not only resentment toward whites among minority populations but segregation as well.

And of course in today’s America, victimhood is the in thing and often seen to bestow moral superiority, so naturally it follows that by convincing these people to assume and maintain a victim identity they also assume moral superiority overt their ‘oppressors’, which also serves not only to create division rather than togetherness but resentment also.

This is just one more of a virtually endless number of ways in which the left in this country means well and has good motives at heart but by employing the tactics of division and resentment totally hoses up the execution and creates more problems that it seeks to solve. In my opinion this is because anger, hatred and rebellion are the forces that drive the left, and, well, you reap what you sow.

At any rate I wouldn’t say that whites are hated by everyone who isn’t white, but they’re hated or held in contempt by many who are white and that bleeds over into minority groups as well, which after all is the intent. So all in all I’d say there is currently more anger and hatred toward whites from minorities, and more resentment and anger toward white men from women and everyone not white men, than there has been at any previous time in the country’s history.

So in closing, division is bad, mmkay, and unity is good. Once upon a time the left in this country preached togetherness and ‘all you need is love’, the latter of which I found silly but vastly preferable for the nation and its populace than the situation we have now where everyone hates and villainies everyone else for an endless number of ‘wrongs’, most of which are the result of history and not the people currently being villainized. It’s truly hard to believe how fucked up this country has become, and I have no idea what the left thinks will be the outcome of all this, but I have a pretty good idea that togetherness, equality and harmony ain’t gonna be it.

You just can’t help yourself, can you?

So in your experience when people don’t say this, are they also right? If people say the opposite, are they right too? In your experience, is white the new black? Is day the new night? Is racial hatred the exclusive province of people of color?

There I go again. I should have just ignored it.

Let me put it this way: Martin Luther King was changing minds and advancing racial equality with things like Letter from the Birmingham Jail and voicing the hope that one day people of his race would be judged by their character rather than the color of their skin. He didn’t run around calling people evil and racists and assholes and bigots at every opportunity and whinging about cultural appropriation. He merely asked that everyone be equal and treated the same. In other words, he wanted his people lifted up to the level of everyone else, not everyone else villainized and hated and brought down. Be like MLK and you’ll hear no complaint from me.


As a Person of Color (pink) I hate those damn albinos.

It appears that virtually everyone you know, or at least everyone you care to mention, is an ignorant bigot.

I recommend you find some new friends. There are lots of decent non-bigots out there who would be worth your time.

Thankfully, most left/liberals are decent folks who don’t spread hatred. The vast majority of liberals and left folks don’t say hateful (and false/untrue) things like “the left has been doing everything it can to sow division and anger toward whites in general”.

Always better to be decent and kind than to spread ignorance and hatred like this, IMO. Most white people, most conservatives, most liberals, etc., are decent folks, even when they/we disagree. Why not just be decent and not broad-brush millions of strangers with hateful and ignorant accusations?

It is now fashionable for conservatives to hold MLK up as the archetype of the Good Black Protestor, i.e., one who politely and properly asks white society to please respect his rights without kicking up too much fuss. I wonder whether Dr. King would be elated or bemused to find himself held in such high esteem by the same people who considered him a race-baiter, a communist, a troublemaker, a threat to America, and other, even unkinder terms when he was still alive.

Dude, don’t you know that if MLK were alive today, he would have been a huge Trump supporter? Conservatives told me so.

Also, various conservatives also told me that he always followed the rules. The police couldn’t touch him because he always had permits in order for his marches. That’s why he never ended up in jail.

Maybe they just don’t like him in particular.

I can’t say I’ve noticed it. But then, I don’t walk around with the attitude that all the minorities are out to get me which might help.