How was the 'Ray Liotta' ER episode received in the US?

Just been aired on Sky here (which means free to air next week), so what was the concensus over there?
It certainly got outside the format box, and I wonder whether that was seen as a good thing? Or whether Liotta’s ‘visions’ were thought to be a bridge too far in a ‘science’ based show?

Haven’t searched here as I dont know what episode number it was, and I’m more interested in the long view.

Personally I thought Liotta was awesome, and that it was generous of an ensemble show to give such an opportunity.


Your assessment is far kinder than mine. I found it plodding and relentlessly pessimistic. Ray’s performance was fine, given the material, but juxtaposed with the numbingly heavy mood of even the visions I just found it… serious but uncompelling.

The number of big “ER” fans on the SDMB is pretty small so it would be hard to judge.

I don’t recall the episode being talked about much in the mainstream media.

I missed that episode, but according to Television Without Pity, it aired on Nov. 11, 2004.

The link is a summary of the episode. Possible spoilers.

There used to be many of us, running free across the plains. However this last season has sucked so much, ER fans have hardly spoken.
There was a thread about this episode, but it was in The Pit.

That thread has some major spoliers…I should have said that before. Close the window now if you want to stay pure.

I don’t watch the show anymore, but NBC was certainly stumping the episode really hard.

Then again, they stump every episode really hard: “Tune In for the Most Amazing, Totally Incredible, UnFuckingBelievable Twisteroni Shockeroo that the ER has Ever Experienced Ever! And Watch while a Doctor does Something You’ll Never Forget in a Million Years! And You’ll Never Expect What Happens in The Last Five Minutes! Don’t Miss It!”


The sad part is that stuff generally happened. Two helicopter accidents and a tank just put it over the top. Why would anyone still work there?