How wierd, I am happy!

I feel almost like a completely different person than I was a year ago. I look forward to work when I get up in the morning. The people at work are the best I’ve ever worked with, not a mean spirit among them. Occasionally, I even get hugged. I feel secure and needed and useful. And it’s the highest paying job I’ve ever had, and I basically set my own agenda.

I inherited some money and paid off all my debts. I haven’t been entirely debt free since I was 18, and I’m 43 now. I have a beautiful new new home (my thread with pics here). At the end of the work day, I look forward to going home. I spend a half-hour in the pool and hot tub every day, rain or shine(unless there’s lightning), after work. I have stopped smoking (50 days now). I have enough large bookshelves that for the first time ever I can store my harcovers and paperbacks on the same shelf. Every night I listen to at least an hour of music.

I have a beautiful new piece of art to contemplate. I spent two evenings just studying it, and then I decided it needed to be better lit, which I did, and was stunned and impressed that the lighting made an enormous improvement over what I already thought was beautiful.

Even my cat is healthier. She has a severe alergy to something, but after a couple of months in a new environment, her fur is groing back over the bare patches where she scratched herself hairless.

Somehow it’s just all come together for me. I wish I could say I worked for and planned this out. But, as with most good things in my life, I basically stumbled into it. About the only specific thing I did was apply for a new job at a new employer, when my boss at my old job had basically given me the kiss of death as far as a future with that company (something that completely blindsided me, and sent me tumbling into a depression for months).

I’m sure there were times in my early childhood when I was happier at the moment then I have been for the last several months. I’m sure that I could be happier still, in terms of relationships with others.

But I’ll take this for now. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

'Grats, pal.

I finally paid off all of my debts a year and a half ago, and I certainly understand what that can do for/to you.

got any extra inheritance laying around to make me happy too?

anyway, good for you, hopefully your renewed sense of being will affect your heart and attitude in the felationships you already have. Don’t be surprised to even start to notice that you actually think and consider others now that you are not focussed and worried about debt.

I’m sorry, I usually don’t do this, but, well, I’ve wondered…is a felationship something just short of a fuck buddy?

Oh no, you said the H-word! But sincerely, congratulations on it all, especially the quitting smoking bit. Maybe that’s what kitty was allergic to?

No, I was actually stopped smoking from 93 to 99, got my kitty im 97, and kitty was sick before I started smoking again.

I stopped smoking for more than a year once, and more than 5 years another time. In my last, unhappy, job I started it up again.