HOw will Jack get out of this in 24? Spoilers

So, spoiling from the start, Jack has had the stuffing beaten out of him and is on a slow boat to China, where he will presumably have some inscrutable revenge worked on him because the Chinese shot their own guy.

We have two possibilities for day six:

  1. They will take up the tale on board, where I figure Jack will begin by sinking the ship with a Glock, only he doesn’t have one. Will CTU discover his plight and mount a rescue with black helicopters, satellites and Chloe?

  2. They will take up the story months later in some Chinese prison camp, where Jack will find a Glock (or Asian knock off) and kick ass. Will Jack take over only China or the entire Asian sub continent?

There are two things I’ve heard.

  1. The next 24 will be about Jack saving his ass, not about thwarting a terror plot.
  2. I’ve heard rumors that he gets off the boat quickly.

I’ve also heard another thing the producers are trying:Have the show take place in another city besides L.A. Possibly New York

He’ll break out of the hold on the ship, kill everyone on board, and become a pirate. Captain Jack Bauer will then sail for the Caribbean and whoop the tar out of Johnny Depp.

Ar, shiver me timbers, or millions of lubbers will die!

Hoist the misenmast…I SAID HOIST THE MISENMAST!

I imagine Jack will escape the boat in the first hour. But I’d love to see the next season take place entirely in China.

I think this begs the question- Jack Bauer vs. Dread Pirate Roberts?

Roberts always retires. Perhaps that’s part of the ploy of killing of most of CTU; Jack will retire, leaving the Dread Pirate Roberts to take his place.
The bottom began falling out of the pirate business with the invention of things like RADAR, exocet missiles and passports photography, anyway.

I’m going to go with Jack on this one. While Roberts is saying something smarmy and clever, Jack will be shooting him in the face.


I’m thinking the most likely scenario will be the Chinese letting him go on the condition of him carrying out an assignment for them. I do know a few things from spoilers:

1)The next season won’t be set in China
2)It begins with Jack somewhere in a city, most likely London.
3)As has been said, it’s Jack trying to save Jack.

I have to say that the idea of a season focused mostly on Jack’s survival sounds a bit dull. It’s not as though Jack’s life hasn’t routinely been in jeopardy during the previous seasons anyway - and it sounds like the plot won’t involve the same political intrigue that I’ve always enjoyed in the show.

That’s because…

… all the Chinese will have died at Jack’s hand.

Hmm…maybe we’ll see the Chinese equivalent of Jack Bauer. “Help me find this CTU agent, or millions of people will die!”

I got an interesting call today at work- vague and minor location spoiler I work in down town LA near a major landmark, we got a a call from so and so from “24”. They needed to check event schedules because of “several days of shooting” in downtown.

No way. Remember,

They’ll all be dead.

Weren’t you paying attention? :wally

My favorite parts of 24 are when Jack is in Special Forces-commando-killing machine mode, just sneaking around enemy compounds, stealthily killing the bad guys one by one, slitting throats, breaking necks, taking out snipers, and so on. I think I’d like to see an entire season of 24 that comes across like a good round of Metal Gear Solid (but with plenty of Chloe-breaks too!)

<brief hijack>A friend and I who work in the area you’re referring to have been dying to catch them filming one of these days. Any chance you could be more specific about dates/locations for a couple of fans?</hijack>