How will Operation Iraqi Freedom end?

If the leaders of the Iraqi government all flee to Syria or just go into hiding, do we win the war by default? Is it officially “over” without the paperwork being signed? Usually wars end with a big surrender signing ceremony. Would any new government in Iraq be in “limbo” without one?

Well…by looking at the way things are headed right now…I’m assuming that this war will be over when the Bush administration says it’s over…which will probably be never. IMHO, the war on terror and the war against oppresive regimes will never be won. Because to totally win it, you would have to eradicate every person on this earth who disagreed with Bush Admin. political views…hmmm, could this be a Joe Stalin on a large scale?

This war will not stay confined within Iraqi borders…they shouldn’t call it Operation: Iraqi Freedom…it should be Operation: Americanization of the Middle East…

or Operation: Joe Stalin on a Large Scale…hehehe, that’s strangely humorous to me…:eek:

Well, I was hoping for actual answers. Someone might as well say that Saddam did the “Operation Stalin” thing when he took over, but that wouldn’t address the issue either.

You just answered your own question.

Operation Iraqi Freedom ends when Operation Syria Huntdown begins.

You only think I’m kidding.