If the US pulls out of Iraq tomorrow, who claim victory?

Will the US? Since the current administration continues to insist that the war is over.

Saddam? Since he never surrendered, just went into siege mode.

Islam? Since the current administration is saying the latest round of attacks has been at the hands of “foreign fighters”.

And about this last point. Has this now transformed itself into a holy war? Where Osama and/or his organization (or organizations like his) seem to see this as an opportunity to bloody the nose of the western infidels? Or is it all media propaganda, designed to further the idea that terrorist groups our out to get us, when in fact it may just be reorganized Iraqi troops, or folks who are patriotically trying to liberate their homeland from what they see as a foreign aggressor?

Am I totally out to lunch here?


UbL has called for the deaths of Americans and Baathists in Iraq, (and Kuwaitis, and Spaniards, and Australians and infinitum).

You are out to lunch Janx, Bush is not going to pull out of Iraq, not tomorrow, nor anytime soon.

To answer the OP though, IF Bush pulled out tomorrow-- then yes, Saddam can claim victory.

If the US pulls out of Iraq, Osama bin Laden will rightly claim victory in this little sideshow in the war on terror. So far it’s been a real win-win situation for him, both in terms of diverting much of America’s otherwise considerable military power, and in helping al Qaeda recruit a new army of zealots bent on the destruction of the “Great Satan.”

If Bush pulled out, the following people could legitimately claim victory:

Saddam Hussein: Assuming that he is, in fact, alive and able to resume power.

George W. Bush: Assuming he isn’t. We did, in fact, kick ass for a few months.

The Democrats (in 2004): Assuming Saddam does resurface.

Shiite clerics in Iraq.

Osama bin Laden and terrorism in general.

Nah, for better or for worse (worse), we’re in this for the long haul. We’d better be. The only thing worse than starting this damn fool war would be failing to finish it!

Woops! I was going to agree and add that if there where to be a pull-out it whould lead to a big old civil war with Shiites, Sunnis, Baathists, Kurds and whoever fighting for turf, while Al Q would be in a great position to roll them all up (before making more trouble with Saudi)