How will you spend today? November 4, 2008

I have to work a bit, then take kids to practices, after which I’ll probably sporadically watch the initial election returns. I’ll watch Indecision 2008, the Comedy Central show co-hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Might mosey up to one of the local watering holes and watch some returns there. I’d like to say I’ll stop watching by 11 or 12 tonight, regardless of the outcome by then.

Are others going to be going to events, ignoring everything, catching up on their filing, chilling or what?

I’ll obsessively read the Dope all day, then go home, get a sandwich and then head back to the overcrowded polling place, wait around a while, vote, then head home and obsessively read the Dope with the news/Daily Show/Whatever on in the background.

Got class at 9:30, 12, and 2. After that, maybe do a little homework, clean the room. I watched LOTR:ROTK last night, so I didn’t get to sleep until 2 AM, so it sounds like a nap is in order!

Just another teaching day for me. Of course, my Government classes are going to be fun. The kids are mostly little redneck wankers who think Obama is the Anti-Christ. I’ll hold the “Who’s your daddy?” bitchslaps until tomorrow. :smiley:

Then vote on the way home, pick up some fleece blankets for the cats at Walgreen’s, then sit myself down in front of the TV with the clicker and a bottle of bourbon, therein to spend the night in quiet contemplation or wild exultation.

My day, if not week, are shaped around the elections. Since I live in Europe I will have to stay up late, very late if I want to see if Obama wins. I prepared by getting up at noon (luckily my work allows for this) so I won’t fall asleep too early. In a couple of hours (6pm local time) I will go get some food with a friend and watch some football (see username) or Goldfinger on TV. Then - while the group of friends is growing - we will relocate to a friends place where we can use the internet and watch tv in the same room (my macbook is still en route, so we have to do with a desktop). This is where we will stay till we know the results, then go home and to bed (probably between 6 and 9 am local time).

At work for most of the day and then I’m heading home and having a couple of friends over for an election/ice cream party. I’ve got 3 tubs of ice cream in the freezer that I have left over from various things and I’m not eating them by myself (I’m not a huge fan of ice cream…one scoop is more than enough for me).

So I figure that there’s nothing more manly than a group of guys sitting around watching election results pour in while eating ice cream. Hmm…maybe I should’ve re-thought this.

In 10 minutes I will start out with breakfast. Probably at McDonalds for the last time in a while. I’ll be on a diet and exercise plan for the next 6 weeks. After breakfast I’ll head over to my recruiting office and discuss my MOS and some other things, as well as getting my physical and swearing in (I think this will be today, kind of bizarre). After that I will come home and zone out on the Dope and the news to follow the election. I just don’t know who to root for.

Finish my day at work, take a nap, then hit a friend’s house to watch the election results. He’s a McCain guy, and I’m Obama. Should be fun!

I voted, and I’m at work. I plan to watch videos or other non-election-returns television tonight.

I’m at work today. Going to stay at my desk as much as possible. I’m a ‘blue dot in a really red state’ and my coworkers are all being downright nasty today. I’ve already heard Obama called a baby-killer and be accused of wanting to buy houses for all poor people. I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut but I’m not doing so well. Time for the headphones and iPod.

This afternoon, I’ll probably get off early and go vote. Then I’ll set myself up in front of the television with my laptop. I’ll play some World of Warcraft and watch the results come in.

I voted as soon as the pools opened, and now I am at work trying not to crash. Our office is closing at 4 pm because of the Obama rally, so I will have 4 hours or so to kill before I head over there. There will be dinner in there somewhere, and probably more caffeine. It’s going to be a looooong day; I don’t expect to get home until 2 am, maybe later.

I voted over a week ago. Today I’ll grade for a few hours, do a phone consultation, go pick up a prop for my Wednesday class (susan in a wheelchair, followed by Murderball), pick up my laptop at the repair place, teach a class, then come home to watch results while sewing.

Go to work early (I’m in charge of taking residents to vote). Go to the gym. Go cast my own vote. Go home and play Pogo. Go vote with Mrs. Homie because she gets intimidated and won’t want to go alone. Watch saved shows on my DVR. Maybe check MSNBC every now and again, even though I already know who’s going to win. Be sound asleep by 10:00.

I had thought about going to the polls early, but woke up too late. Did a little work at home, then went with Hubby to vote at about 10:30. Although long, it wasn’t unpleasant - it took about an hour, we saw and chatted with some folks we knew, the church ladies had made some refreshments.

Just finishing lunch, will go downtown next and work until 5. Back home to ‘freshen up’, then I’m off to former Gov. Musgrove’s election night party (he’s running for the remainder of Trent Lott’s term). I’ve never been to one before, thought I’d go see what it’s like.

I don’t expect to be home until 10 pm or so.

Sine I’m (at least) 5 hours ahead of you guys and not allowed to vote (but have been sucked into the tempest that is American Presidential Elections) I’m going to the US Embassie’s election party. Should be fun, even though I’ll have to leave way before any major results come in.

Let’s compare notes tomorrow, and see which party was more fun. :wink:

I’m betting on yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be pretty decent :wink: But the first results won’t be coming in untill around elven local time and silly me agreed to an interview at 9 tomorrow morning :frowning:

But I’m all on for comparing notes!

Looking for a job. :frowning:

I’ll watch election coverage this evening, just to (hopefully) pick up my spirits.

Tonight we’re heading over my brother-in-law’s to play canasta and watch the results come in. Because even though I’m only 30, I’m apparently a little old lady in my soul. :slight_smile:

I vote absentee so working all day today, then heading over to work the evening shift at Election Protection (non-partisan project, hotline to report & resolve voting issues).

Protectin’ democracy.