How would I know if I was blasted in The BBQ Pit?

I read The Pit about once or twice a year, so a lot happens in there that I never see. If somebody were to start a pit thread just to slag on me, would they tell me about it?

Have you ever been rotisseried there? How’d you find out?

Vanity search?

Vanity searches work best, although I’ve never found a thread against me in the pit that way.

The only two ways that I’ve found pit threads about me was either:

  1. I get a link in a thread (usually the one that is the issue) from whoever started the pit thread, this is common, but does not always happen (as can be seen by the Mini-Mod wars a while back).

  2. Check each board (I do this anyway) and just cross your fingers when looking through the pit.

I thought the proper way to pit someone includes (but is not limited to) an email to the person being pitted (if it is kind of a general rant) and/or a link in a thread. For instance supposed I hated you AskNott for what you said in your OP in this thread. I would start a pit thread (with a link to this one) and then I would come bak here and say something like,
Hey, AskNott come here and explaine yourself. (with the word here being a link to the pit post)

Pitting someone without notifying them is IMHO pretty low.

“Pitting someone without notifying them is IMHO pretty low.”

Might be a lot of low people here. Try searching for ‘handy’ in the Pit…I should hope it’s used as an adverb :slight_smile:

I have no idea if you have made friends here or not, but I think most people have done so…or at least people who think kindly enough about them that if a thread appeared “pitting” them, someone would email them.

If someone “pitted” me, I am sure I would hear about it from my friends.

And handy, you have made it pretty clear that you don’t care what anyone says about you in the pit, or at least that is my understanding. Also that you aren’t interested in participating in any thread “pitting” you. I find it surprising if no one told you about your “pittings”, but if they DIDN’T, I am sure it was because they knew you didn’t want to know about it.

Heh, of course if no one had told you about it, and you never EVER go to the pit, then you wouldn’t have made the above post, so…nevermind.

A newbie writes:
Isn’t it a badge of honour to have been barbecued, or whatever the correct term is?
I have to confess I’m rather looking forward to it …
But then I’m such a mild-mannered, diplomatic type, I don’t suppose anyone would ever dare…

Welcome to the SDMB, mrsface…and no, it isn’t a badge of honor.

Unless, of course, you did nothing to deserve it, and thousands of members come in and defend you “to the death.” That HAS happened, and I guess THAT would be a badge of honor of sorts.

In general, a person has to really behave badly to be “pitted.” And that is almost never a GOOD THING.

Thanks very much for your welcome.
But, re Pit, am I supposed to be scared or something? What would I have to do wrong exactly?
Think I’ll just pop down there and see how its hanging…

So, if my Sock Puppet started a pit thread and said CP was ugly and his mother dresses him funny, you’d all come to defend me?


I can say I’ve never found out about mine through vanity searches… more like people IM’ing me and saying something to the effect of: “Uh-oh. Looks like you’ve been pitted.” with a link to the thread.


I’ve never been pitted. I think it’s due to the old adage “ignore it and it’ll go away.”

Anybody else fighting a strong urge to pit Scotticher?

I (and a couple of others) got pitted yesterday, but it was a joke and the thread got closed because nobody was actually angry about anything.

Like I didn’t have enough mixed feelings to begin with.

As far as I know, I’ve never been specifically pitted. I’ve opened a few, almost never about people here.

I’ve been mentioned in the Pit, usually as part of an overall group that’s been pitted, but AFAIK, I’ve not yet been pitted.

I think your mother does a fine job of dressing you.

AskNott, you attention is requested here.

(that’s how I did it! Except with the correct link, of course…)

This happened to me. I was pitted and did not find out about it until over a year later.

“Heh, of course if no one had told you about it, and you never EVER go to the pit,”

Not so at all. You can search the Pit without going into it. Try it.

But you’re right, I don’t pay much attention to what is said about me there; but not for the reason you gave Scotticher, but because I believe that if a person has an issue with me they should face me in person & say it to my face (or write it down & get a terp) & not be a coward, hiding behind some anon handle on a message board by writing something in the Pit. I do not like cowards & do not befriend them.

handy, since this is a message board, no one can come say anything to your face, much less uncomplimentary things. We “hide” behind a message board for every single thing we say here, good, bad, or neutral. Thus your attitude is equivalent to saying “I don’t care about what you say about me in the Pit” or “I don’t care about uncomplimentary posts about me”. You are, literally, putting yourself above criticism here.

I just found out I was slammed last June. And I deserved it too.