Now I’m a gentle soul ;), and avoid confrontation where I can. Because of this I never visit the Pit.

So it occurs to me … how would I know if someone had objected strongly to something I’ve said, and “pitted” me? Is it the done thing to mention a pitting in the original thread, or am I living in blissful ignorance of several Pit wars :smiley: I’ve inadvertently started in the few months I’ve been here?

Do most of you check out the Pit “just in case”? :confused:


Do a search. Put your username in the search field, select The BBQ Pit as the forum to search, and select Any Date. If your name is mentioned in any Pit threads, it should find them, unless, of course, everyone consistently misspells your name.

I browse the Pit fairly often, because there’s often a lot of entertaining material there. Few Pit threads are directed at SDMB members. Most of them are rants about politicians, jobs, relatives, what have you.

Oh, and FWIW, I don’t recall ever seeing your name mentioned in any Pit thread. I think you’re safe. :slight_smile:

Thanks Q.E.D. … seems I can leave off the asbestos suit for the time being. :smiley:


… So long as I remember to PREVIEW!!!



Shrinking Violet, I have the same problem as you :slight_smile:

I was pitted a few days back and didn’t have a clue. Luckily Q.E.D informed me of it. In that pit thread I learnt that I had infact been pitted earlier, and that there was also a thread about me in MPSIMS. As a consequence of my responses in this pit thread, I was pitted again. Which was a fake pitting. And spawned a “fake pit” thread in ATMB. I learnt of the fake pitting through the ATMB thread.

I don’t visit the Pit often, and hence it’s more likely than not that I won’t be aware of having been pitted.

Normally, when you pit someone in response to their post in one of the other forums, you post a link to the Pit thread in the original thread and invite the pittee to the Pit. However, in my case, being a mod, it’s more likely that the Pit thread is a consequence of me having closed a thread. Since the thread is closed, there’s no way for a member to inform me via the closed thread about my pitting. Which leaves me clueless about having been pitted :slight_smile:

For your reading pleasure:

Xash, why did you close the Are you unconscious yet? Thread

Damn You. John Corrado! And Xash, Too!

Damn you Xash!

Damn you, xash! :smiley:

BTW: anybody know how to do a vanity search on Mr. B à la Q.E.D.'s advice?

Mr. B, I just searched and got results using your username as is.

Ringo, I meant from a “Keyword Search.” :slight_smile:

You can try *Mr.B. I’m not 100% sure that will work, but it’s worth a shot. I don’t know if the * will act as a wildcard for a space, though.

Yep, it works. The hamsters starting behaving, so I gave it a go.

You know, Q.E.D., I’ve only ever tried that as “Mr**.** B” which is significantly different from “Mr*B”. So I tried it several ways. Somehow, it only turned up one post for today where I’m mentioned or quoted. Hmmm.

No big deal. Thinking of applying for a handle change anyway. :smiley:

oops, “Mr**.***B”.

Hey … I’m in illustrious company! :smiley:


Never miss a chance to suck up

I would expect it to be more or less de rigeur to notify the person you are Pitting, and provide a link to the torrent of obscenity and abuse that ensues.

Anything else would be uncivilized.


Do my eyes deceive me or is Q.E.D. advising us to do vanity searches?

Better not let Lynn find out :eek:
and BTW

Mr. B thanks for the kind words from you in that wretched thread the other day. I ran across it late last night and rather than get involved in IDBB’s rant, I thought I’d say it here.

You & gobear IIRC had some nice things to say and I appreciate it.
I very rarely do a vanity search but when I do and I find a thread where someone mentions me in favor. I hate that I missed the opportunity to :slight_smile:

Catch 22 = searches, damned if you do & damned if you don’t

You’re a good egg, t-keela.

One would expect that a person starting a Pit thread would e-mail the subject to notify him or her of the event (all mods have e-mail addresses listed, BTW). Or at least, I would think that. But apparently I thought wrong, since I didn’t even find out about any of my mod-related pittings until after I retired and thought to do a search. Well, those and the thread about the guy angry at his memory modules, who misspeled “asynchronous”.

In any event, it makes sense to e-mail your target/subject/victim/kindling.

<< Anything else would be uncivilized. >>

:::: cough cough cough :::::

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