How would you feel if a celebrity....

…such as Seth McFalarne or Katy Perry tried to sue you for something completely unrelated? Would you feel confused? Angry? Worried? Hounered?

Unrelated to what?

“Oh, great. This again.”

I’d feel confused if anyone sued me.

That’s what I was thinking.

Is this supposed to be “hounded?” Or honored? Maybe a little bit of both?

And, yes, unrelated to what?

I mean unrelated as in a personal problem they might be having which is nothing to do with you, yet they randomly decided to sue you for it. :wink:

Motion to dismiss, and a counterclaim for legal fees. Meh.

Why the hell would they do that? That doesn’t even make sense.

“No, Katy Perry! I’m happily married! You can’t sue me into having constant wild sex, no matter how badly you want it from me!”

What, do they just pick you out on Facebook using some combination of dice rolls? Unrelatedly?

Confused, but also intrigued at the possibility of countersuing for legal fees and damages due to being stressed out at being sued. I bet I’d get 'em too. Tell THAT to Seth Rogen and Katy Perry!

Who’s ass do you pull these nonsensical questions out of anyway? And why do you never return to elaborate on what the hell you mean?

Hungry. I’d feel hungry.

The only time I ever felt hounered was when Katy Perry chased me up a tree and wouldn’t stop barking.

I’d use the affair to leverage a few extra dollars for me at the expense of the idiotic celebrity who tried it. Foreign networks pay for interviews, so they’d be the first place I would start.

If it was a celebrity that I had any interest in talking to, I’d file an answer to avoid default judgement and see about taking the celeb’s deposition pro se.


A couple points: I may wear glasses, but I can tell the difference between Katy Perry and Seth Macfarlane no matter What kind of dress he wears. I think she sings Way better too. If Seth wants to sue me for not liking his version of “Double Rainbow”, I’ll insist that they play his version in open court, which might garner him 5 years for contempt alone.

Still, I would be worried if I was hated by someone whose most passionate conversations are held through a stuffed animal so maybe open court with armed bailiffs might be safest.

Katy Perry. I’ve been to one of her concerts; she worked hard and she put on a good show. I was polite and I bussed all of our empty cups to the bins on the way out. I’ve never bothered her (or anyone) for an autograph. She’s happily dating John Mayer and the two seem made for each other; they’d make a good/happy married couple if thats what they want. That said, why on Ogs Green Earth would she want to sue me? I even wished her happiness here when she married Russell Brand and everyone else was posting bets on how long it would last. I can’t honestly say that I have in any way bothered her negatively.

Anger. Anger is a useless emotion and the people who want to make me angry want to exert power over me. And they can bite me.

Worry. Same thing.

Confused. (for example, see OP) No, when I’m confused I generally try to either figure it out or take steps to ask and find out. I’m direct that way.

Hounered. (English, 21st century. See “Typo”) I’m not sure what it would be like to be hounered by Katy Perry, but if I liked it, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t post about it here. Cite- Rule 34 :slight_smile:

…and stripper pole…

… you know, actually you have an interesting point. A counter claim is $35 to file in my state and while I have nothing, some celebrities have Deep Pockets. Anyone want to bet that there are any Number of firms willing to handle
the counter-claim on contingency? They could drag their feet & put their kids through college on postponements alone. If I lose? File a chapter and they still get nothing.

I’m sure a few even have TMZ and The Enquirer on speed-dial. Even if they didn’t I’m sure they could Google them. All those court breaks, all that walking in and out of court. All those photo-ops with people simply looking their best… :stuck_out_tongue:

You just know there’d be a story in it. Maybe a book. Possibly a lecture tour.