How would you feel if...

You’re best friend ever said the following to you:

1). “You need to give up, you’re never going to find a real job.”

2.) You announce your college graduation. A week later your friend says: “Don’t you think college is a waste of time? Wouldn’t you have preferred to spend your life LIVING?”
(You mean working minumum wage as an usher 20 hours a week?)

3.) You plan on moving in together, but neither of you is employed. One morning you run twenty minutes late for a job interview, and have no way of calling as its an hour away and you’re stuck on a train from the suburbs. Friend says: “I knew I shouldn’t of counted on you. JUST FORGET IT!”

4.)In a silly mood you say something like ‘to get to the place down the street…we have to walk down the street.’ I said this when my friend asked how’d we’d get there. Her response: “I’m glad I’m not THAT stupid.” Then she rolled her eyes.

5.)Friend mooched off you for five months, then leaves when you make “unreasonable demands” of her. Like for instance not leaving spilled food on the floor for weeks. She says before she leaves: “After ALL I’ve ever done for you, and you treat me like this?”

Still don’t know what she did for me. Didn’t pay my bills. Didn’t do my laundry. Didn’t get me a cool job. Was I supposed to be in awe she even ever spoke to me?

So, was I wrong in deciding she was no friend and telling her so? She seemed to think so.

So, tell me why she’s your friend now, or ever was…

Obviously, you are incapable of appreciating true friendship. Her wisdom and good heart were wasted on you.


You were definitely not wrong. And good for you for telling her so. May you find a real best friend soon.

Sounds like you took it up the ass a little. In fact, with friends like that, who needs enemas?

[sub]sorry - I had to do it[/sub]

Sounds like she’s pretty mad at herself for some reason and is belittling you to make her feel better. I personally would ignore her. That’s always effective.

That’s my 2 cents anyhow…

You know, if you don’t expect only the best treatment from friends, you will never get it. Find friends who like you for you, and who are not selfish people. Treat them the way you want them to act, and if they ever show you less respect than you give them, feel free to tell them. If it continues, get rid of them from your life. Lifetimes are too short to surround yourself with crappy people.

I have to agree with mayberrydan here. It sounds like (please excuse the psychobabble) your friend has a big hate on for herself, low self esteem, and would prefer to have someone around to rag on. She’s got you to make her feel like a better person.

Run far far away. With much haste.

Well, in my youth I had quite a few people ask me, “So, when are you going to get a real job?” (They didn’t ask me, “When are you going to get a haircut?”, but only because I wore my hair short in those days.)

I still have that same job (at the fly-by-night outfit that turned into a billion-dollar company), whereas they’ve been laid off from their “real” jobs (some several times). At the risk of being boastful, my salary is more than theirs put together. And, I wear my hair long enough now to pull into a queue :slight_smile:

So, I would recommend that, the next time someone tells you, “You’re never going to find a real job”, you reply, “Good, that will save me the trouble of turning it down”.