How would you like to have one of these in your backyard?

Pretty cool video of the capture of a 10 foot alligator from a backyard not too far from our house. In the first part of the video you can hear the gator growling.

D’oh - link.

Another great use for duct tape!

Animal control wouldn’t be my first thought, my first thought is ‘there is some good eating on a 10 foot gator’… shortly followed by ‘if i shoot it, Ill need to cut it, where did mrAru stash the block and tackle from last time we slaughtered sheep?’

(Bolding mine)

Who is going to get that close with a tape measure? :smiley:

"Nuisance gators are ‘processed for their meat and hide,’ said commission spokesman Gary Morse."

That kind of makes me sad. It didn’t hurt anyone… then again, they probably eat pets, don’t they? Yikes.

It makes me sad, too, but I guess I understand it. I just read in my local newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel, that a local man opened the door to his house to go outside and a black bear scratched him and pushed him down, so now wildlife officials are going to euthanize the bear. Again, sad, although I suppose they have to do it, because if it injured or killed someone else, they’d be in deep you-know-what for not doing it.

I’m not afraid of gators and bears, but the pythons that are slinking through our Florida wilderness creep me out, and one reason is that I have a small dog.

Florida’s full of wildlife, but it’s nothing like it was when I first moved here 39 years ago. Now that makes me sad.

Ah, living in a Midwest city… the only thing we need to worry about are squirrels, raccoons and deer crossing the road in the suburbs…

Depends on where in the Midwest. :smiley: Chicago has had a coyote show up in the Loop (ended up in the cooler of a Quizno’s) and a cougar roaming neighborhoods on the North Side.

I can’t really blame them. If someone tried to process me for my meat, I’d hide too.

In that area they’ve killed pets and occasionally the owners. A 10 foot gator is a fairly dangerous animal. There will still be plenty out in the lake. It’s not as if they’re scarce in the vicinity and usually people just live and let live with them unless they start to want to come inside.

My uncle lives near the St. John’s River and also has some ponds on his property. There is now a three-foot gator living in and among the ponds, but my uncle will not hear of anyone taking the damn thing to the river. I think he prefers to wait until it actually starts eating pets and children.