How would you seek out other dopers?

In this thread there’s some minor hijacking going on about identifying yourself to other dopers. The OP suggested going table to table at a wedding asking, “Do the words ‘Hi Opal’ mean anything to anyone”?

I thought about this some time ago and came up with, “Does anyone here know Cecil Adams”? Those who responded “Yes” could then ignore me in real life. :smiley:

So if you were mingling amongst strangers, and wanted to find out who might be a doper, what would be your doper-seeking line?

“What’s your favorite acronym*? Mine’s ‘SDMB.’”

*Okay, technically it’s an abbreviation, but I’m guessing that within a few years the dictionary will be revised to reflect common usage.

Wear a Straight Dope T-shirt.

Just walk into any crowded place and yell “Fucko off!”

Go around brandishing a 1920s-style death ray.

Have Cecil Adams paged to the bar and go see who shows up to see what Cecil looks like.

  • OR -

Get a big yellow smilie face helium balloon and a smaller plain white helium balloon. Tie the smaller white balloon to the string for the big smilie face so that it floats higher. Use a magic marker to write ‘PUTZ’ on the small white balloon in big black letters. Then carry them about. With this method you’ll probably get to meet a lot of interesting people. :slight_smile:

Really now, if all 40,954 of us (as of this writing) ordered a T-shirt, don’t you think that might buy us a few more months? And, if you saw someone wearing one, who looked like they hadn’t just found it, wouldn’t you have to ask?

How about a t-shirt with ‘Gotcha Ya’. No one else would know what it meant and everyone who ever visited here would know.

T-shirt idea:


I vote for an “I Burning Your Dog” T-shirt.

Or perhaps a purple one saying “Graped By The Grapist!”

No, no, no, no.

Like the Got Milk ads. Simplistic and easy on the eyes, " Got Pie?"
or one of the other imponderables, " Does a duck’s quack echo when it hears the third word that ends in ‘gry’?"

You don’t want a “cite”, you would like a link. Preferably including the word ‘please’:

Where it began gan

I have a SDMB mug sitting on my desk at work (I’m an instructor at a small liberal arts college). I took the mug off my desk and brought it home when I noticed a student last year had a Straight Dope T-shirt on. :slight_smile: Granted we could talk about it, but I’d not reveal my name on the boards…conflict of interest of sorts.

London_Calling : I think ccwaterback wanted a t-shirt that said “Cite?”.

Did he/she ? Then I apologise. Sorry!

Enjoy the link, anyway. I hope!

HA!!! Yes, indeed, I was suggesting a t-shirt with the word “Cite”. Have to be careful pulling the cite word around these parts. :slight_smile: