How would you wreck upcoming movies?

Give us your ideas on how you could take a semmingly foolproof hit, and totally ruin it by bad casting, bad writing, or a mangled concept.

For example, the Scooby-Doo movie: include Scrappy-Doo!.

Make a movie based on a Tom Clancy novel which has Arab terrorists get a nuke from Israel, and then change it to Neo-Nazis getting a nuke from the black market.

::whispering sounds::
::surprised look::

Too late.

Nice post / sig combo there, Daoloth. :wink:

You know, now that Disney has done movies about deer, pigs, elephants, cats, foxes, and hounds, I think it’s time they turned their attention to the adorable hedgehog. Starring, of course, Ron Jeremey!

Or do you mean real movies only? I’d say they could have wrecked Spider-Man by having one of our acrobatic martial arts superstars play the lead. Jet Li or Jackie Chan or even cringe Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Or they could stick Jar Jar Binks in an important roll in the next Star Wars flick (please tell me we saw the last of that thing in Episode One).

Or Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan (this would be a good place for a vomiting smilie).

Put Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey in the leading role of ANY movie.
Whoops, already happened.

Well I guess the Apocalypse is nigh.

Lucky for me I’ve already got a job lined up as one of Satan’s Lackey’s in charge of The ironic Punishments And Eternal Torments section of Hell.

Let George Lucas write dialogue for his movies.

I could insist on starring in one. That’d make 'em tank.

For extra insurance, I could take my pants off in half the scenes.

Right now, I’m calling down the curses of Hell to attack Adam Sandler for having the gall to remake “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.”

The Scooby Doo movie doesn’t need anything to make it worse. After all, it’s Scooby Doo. Not one single minute of the original cartoon could be called “good” by the wildest stretch of the imagination. Frankly, the cartoon was for the brain dead.

Lets make a super hero film!

Yeah those do great!
Ohhhh Lets do a Wonder Woman movie!

Ohhhh Lets get Sandro Bullock to play Wonder Woman!

ummmmmmmm… You mean Catherine Zeta-Jones
No! Sandra Bullock!

That’d be great!

Coming soon - Spider-Man II: Starring Tobey McGuire as Peter Parker; And Tobey McGuire as Ben Reilly!

by making them all sequals… oops! too late!!!

For Scooby Doo, you could put someone like Freddie Prinze, Jr in it. Oh wait–that’s already been done–nevermind.

Take a laser pointer into the theater and treat the audience to your own special effects.

Ooops, I read the title wrong.

Introducing the new James Bond…

Pauly Shore!

Shaken, not stirred, buuuuddy.

Attack of the Clones: Amidala is revealed to be Anakin’s sister.

Well… it certainly would explain a lot.

Adam Sandler as Spider-Man!
Jim Carrey as Obi-wan!
Carrot Top as Anakin Skywalker!

Oh I think I’ve made myself ill…

Some would say that any movie staring Freddie Prinze Jr is already ruined. The addition of Matthew Lilliard( Summer Catch, Wing Commander ) creates a resonating wave of suckiness that cannot be stopped.

And I see now that the two will converge with Sarah Michelle Geller in Scoobey Doo to form a ‘perfect storm’ of suckiness.

Well, it ain’t my idea, and it’s apparently gonna happen (according to a disturbing article on Aint-It-Cool News)…Disney is remaking Snow White.

With kung-fu fighting Shaolin monks instead of dwarves.

I shit you not.

Try and top *that…