Hows the weather...snow

In Dearborn we have had a real nasty all day snow. We have about 6 inches so far and maybe 3 more coming. Then Wed. it will be a high of 13, Snow and cold. The old wind chill below zero on its way again.
How bad did this storm hit you?

We never got a lot of snow from this storm here in suburban Chicago – maybe two inches or so. It rained for most of the day yesterday, didn’t change to snow at all until around 7pm last night, and we had long periods with no precipitation at all. Of course, now the wind’s howling at 40mph, and it’s cold as hell.

Just spoke with my parents in Green Bay – they got about 10", and spent a fair part of the day digging out the driveway (after getting the car stuck in it when coming home last night).

You know Minnesota got 17 inches and brought the dome down.

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