HR Giger, Stalker and This War of Mine have a horrendous, unholy baby: Darkwood

Darkwood is a horror game that relies on mood and mechanics rather than jumpscares. By day, you explore a nightmarish land and by night, you try to keep Them from getting into your hideout.
Here’s a good video that will do a good job of showing you if you’d like it:

I’m hoping this thread will allow other people to discover Darkwood. I’m not usually into horror games but I do like this one. We can also ask questions and share tips as it’s quite a difficult game even if the penalty for death isn’t that bad on normal.

Yeah, I noticed it on Steam but it looks too difficult for me to enjoy.

It is difficult, it even warns you that it’s difficult. But I haven’t found it frustrating or dispiriting. The difficulty is about what you’d expect from a game that blends Stalker and TWOM but unless you’re playing on hard difficulty, dying is just a part of life.

Just picked it up for $15 on Steam. I’ll give it a shot either tonight or tomorrow. Steam disagrees that I will like it, just because I haven’t played a top-down in just about forever.

It’s best played at night, in a dark room.

Wow. Just went to Steam to look at it and found it it was already in my Library. I guess I should try playing it sometime.

I bought it but got a refund within half an hour. The UI/controls are too clunky for me, and I’ve played a lot of clunky games.