HR Types. Qustion about job posting closing date.

A position I recenlty applied for, rather than having a closing date for applications, said “First review of applications will be July 20, 2012.”

The job is still posted. What does this mean? My guess is that they are leaving the job open until they think they have enough qualified applicants before they close it.

Probably that’s it. They’re saying “Don’t call us looking for feedback before July 20.” Most employers don’t bother doing anything when a job is filled, or some predetermined application period has ended. Most employers don’t have any dates associated with a position, that is a government/institutional type thing.

For us it means that the position remains officially open until an offer is made and accepted. Those who get their applications in by the first review date will absolutely be reviewed by the search committee. Those coming in after may or may not be reviewed, depending upon the applications received after the first review date (usually they will but that’s up to the chair’s discretion).

It’s a government job.

I think that will work in my favor as well. A city probably has to be much more careful about following certain posting/interviewing/hiring protocol. That would tend to lessen the chance that they already have someone in mind to hire.

Excellent, thanks!

Wish they’d get to reviewing, already. I hate waiting for the next step.