Huge fonts in quote boxes on mobile phone

Just reporting a weird bug that I have noticed since switching to Windows Phone 7. When browsing threads I have noticed that fonts within quote boxes are rendered at what appears to be the maximum font size while all the normal text is normal sized. Its probably a browser issue considering the relatively new OS but worth reporting to TPTB anyways.

Let’s see what happens if the size tag is applied

is that one still big? As big as a regular one? No change?

One more,

now that SHOULD be big, but how big is it for you compared with a normal one?
Guess we should have a control

That one should be normal.

Might be the browser. Quote text looks normal-sized to me on my iPhone with Safari browser.

The first quote displays large. The second quote displays huge. The third quote displays big. The normal text displays normally.

Strangely the text in the menu tree at the top of the thread displays out of whack too. The “Straight Dope Message Board > Main > About This Message Board” displays in the same font size and type as the usernames do, which is different than my desktop browser (Firefox 4) and the "Huge fonts in quote boxes on mobile phone " thread title displays in an oversized boldface font that’s bigger than the username text but smaller than the quote text.

Bizarre, but I haven’t noticed any weirdness with any other websites on my phone. Wonder if vBB uses an outmoded HTML standard or some deprecated tags or something that are stripped out of this windows browser. Supposedly WP7 is updating the browser in the next update this fall, we’ll see if anything changes.

In an attempt to do a little digging, apparently this might not be just a browser issue. I opened up the forum which uses a newer version of vBulletin (3.8.6) and opened some threads and all the font issues there are gone, it displays flawlessly.

Just tested the forums at too which use vBB 3.8.7 and they seem to be rendering fine as well. There’s definitely something wonky with the configuration and/or older version of vBB.

Anyone know a forum using an older version of vBB that I can test?

Well, I was able to find another forum running version 3.7.3 at and it renders with the same issues as the Dope. Looks like a vBB version issue, time for an upgrade!