Huge Lizard Erupts From Bowels Of Sewer! Mutant Freak Menaces Child. Norway Imperiled

Normay has a Sewer-Borne Hellbeast, threatening to perversely gnaw on it’s most sensitive regions.

What a screed to read in the paper, first thing in the morning! And what a twisted & un-natural experience for a 3 year old manchild! Barely toliet trained, & Scaley Horrors are vomited out of the jakes, to menace his household.

Unholy Beasts, redolent of feces, terrorize the little geek, & endanger his most private places. In the privacy of his john, too.

He will never know the joys of sitting on the shitter & relaxing whilst perusing the Chicago Reader. He will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. And what an twisted scenery he shall view!

OMG. You have just tapped into one of my worst fears, ever since reading that Cecil column about the rat and the toilet. I hate lizards and reptiles etc–eww, eww, eww. Poor lil guy. Screw Freud–this kid’s got a real reason he has toilet training issues!

Bwahahahah. “Ham” is it called now? :smiley:

Oh, dear. that post is supposed to be in small, shocked letters, showing how eeked out I am by the whole thing. Instead, my post looks like a Kindergarten teacher’s.
sorry. So do the numbers under “size” go up in size as the numbers increase? How does one make the print smaller?


size=1 is the only small letters.

Cannibals say it tastes like pork…

“the only” small letters? Not quite true.[suB]Sub also works[/suB], though it puts it slighly under the line.

That is true both [sup]sup[/sup] and [sub]sub[/sub] tags do make writing smaller.
I thought she was asking about the size option. So I only answered that.


More of them!

They’re coming up out of the drains!


:eek: :eek: :eek:

I am never, ever, ever, ever using a public washroom again… :eek:


Public washrooms indeed!

These suckers are coming after you at home!

I will not open link. I WILL not open link. I will NOT open link.


And damn, I gots to go!


I used size 1 and it’s the same size as regular font.
<thinks you all are show offs for knowing how to do this better than me…>

and I clicked on the link.
Erp. Invest in Depends, that’s my solution.

Bite out of a “ham,” or chomp down on the dangly bits? :eek:

This is going to haunt me all day. Good thing I have a gun in the loo!

In the post and in the Preview your size 1 worked. What browser are you using?

Like I know that! (I dunno what a browser is. Please don’t ban me–I can drive my car well and don’t know what the manifold does, either…)
The sub and sup posts look appropriate to me. I see other people’s larger print (and smaller print)–mebbe it’s just me.

Eleanorrigby: I am not trying to be a show off. If you want more help with coding maybe you can email me and I will stop Hijacking this thread. (Sorry)
By Browser I meant Internet explorer (microsoft) or Foxfire or AOL or Opera or Netscape or something else.

I was only trying to help. This is a good thread on the codes.



Jim- I was kidding around. Sorry if it sounded snarky–I am a bit worked up about the reptiles in this thread…

I use AOL-I know, I am a complete loser.

Sorry for the hijack, folks.
And now back to our regularly scheduled thread…

(why did the guy think that remembering the color coding of coral snakes would help him in that last link? The snake wasn’t striped!) :confused:
I would move, I think…or complain to the landlord or something!

Now, a boa wouldn’t bother me in the least. I like boas…they are clean and friendly snakes. My cats would freak, as would the wife, but I’d just coil him up and take him to Animal Control. Or maybe the Police Department. Plop him down on the front desk and let the desk sergeant deal with it! :smiley: