Doesn't Work For Me Anymore(?)

Anyone have any idea why? I have spent the past few evenings with “The Bob Newhart Show”, avoiding politics and bills. The screen froze in the middle of a scene last night and since then I have not been able to get hulu to work. I get a message that says “ cannot stream the video you requested. Check your internet connection or try later.” Well, I’ve tried later and I’ve tried in Firefox (wants me to download Adobe), Safari (where I usually watch it) and IE (different computer)–same message every time.

I’m not in the least internet or computer savvy, but it seems to me that since I can come here and surf the web (including watching clips from comedy central etc) that there is nothing wrong with my internet connection at all, and this may be a hulu issue?

Anyone ever have this happen? :mad:

And I was really into it, too. I’m doing a puzzle at present. Just watching a TV show is boring. Just doing a puzzle is boring. Put the 2 together and it’s a pleasant evening. Why, yes, my nursing home is already picked out… :slight_smile:

Do you use a firewall (such as ZoneAlarm)? What happens if you disable it?

I ask because one day my firewall started blocking AVG updates for some reason, inexplicably, making me think it was a problem on their end.

No, I don’t. I use Safari and I’m on a Macbook.

Try clearing the cache and cookies? I just checked and Hulu’s working for me.

I did that. :frowning:

I’ll try again.

Wait, you did mention “wants me to download Adobe” you may need to download the latest Flash plugging or player, and those are coming now from Adobe. (they took over Macromedia Flash)

Download and install it in your computer. But be warned that it seems the Adobe site is giving preference to Internet Explorer 7 and up, so you may end up installing the browser to download and install Flash properly.

Aha. I did download Adobe, but there was no prompt for IE7 (which I do NOT want). It still won’t load on either FF or Safari. So now I have this useless flashplayer on my HD. Sometimes I hate the complexity of computers.

Thing that bugs me is that now that I know it (the show) is there, I want it! If I hadn’t stumbled across it, I wouldn’t care…

I’m giving up for now. I’ll try again later in the week.

Yep, I was afraid of that, I’m beginning to think Adobe has a deal with Microsoft, If you have a system with windows 2000, for example, and you decide to ignore IE and install Flash with/inside the latest Firefox, Adobe/flash will balk when being installed because it will demand a more recent IE installation to continue. (The original Windows 2000 comes with IE 3.0)

Hulu still works for me in Firefox 5.0. Works in Google Chrome as well.

Hulu works for me in Firefox 3.0.3. I watched last night’s Treehouse of Horror. Sorry I can’t offer any help.

Firefox 5? Are you from the future?

Everything is Chrome in the future!” - Sponge Bob :slight_smile:

I dunno what version of FF I have–it’s only 2 years old, whatever it is. (I installed it when I got the MacBook 2 years ago).
The last thing I want is some junky IE version–right now I have no pop ups etc. Plus, who needs 3 browsers? Not me, who uses the intarwebs to come here, a few blogs and amazon.

Poop. I’m bummed about hulu. I was into Bob Newhart. Now I’m halfway through a puzzle that I won’t finish because I can’t type and do that at the same time. Bah.

should I try google chrome? how do I get that? I’m so helpless with this stuff–most aggravating. Thanks for your patience with me.

Just go to, download and run. It’ll import your FF settings. Dead easy.

“Google chrome for Mac is in development.”

You should be able to grab the version number of FF by going to the “about” menu option. It’s usually under “Help > About” if I remember right; I’m at work which doesn’t have FF installed.

Two years is a long time in internet years, to be honest. If I were you, I’d download the latest and greatest FF version, but that’s just me. I understand that you don’t want to mess about with installing lots of things, which can definitely be a pain.

That said, did you go directly to Adobe to download Flash, or did you download the Flash plug-in from the FireFox website?

I was prompted to download Adobe when I accessed hulu on FF. It told me to quit my browser–I did so–and then downloaded Adobe. I will try a newer version of FF tomorrow–thanks. No time to do it now. I must vote and then go to work.
I really don’t want IE on my MacBook. Is it ok now? The last thing I want is firewalls and pop up nonsense and virus warnings etc. My Mac had run clean since I bought it. I love it–I just don’t know much about how it works…
But I think I may want Bob Newhart ad Rhoda more-winter is almost here and I have several puzzles to do! (I can’t be here all the time) :wink:
And thank you for helping me. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s what the “about” thing on my Firefox said. :shrugs:

Did you try other episodes or other shows on hulu? It could be a problem with that specific episode. Which one was it? I’ll give it a try.

I’ve been having this problem at work for the last week or so as well. Hulu only works about 10% of the time regardless of what I’m trying to watch. Unfortunality it probably not the type of thing to go to IT for…

None of those things would you necessarily get with IE. In fact, if you haven’t updated your Firefox in two years, you’re far more likely to have those problems because of it.

Having said that, I’d recommend just upgrading to the latest Firefox (3.0.3) and go to Adobe’s website to install Flash. I just checked on my Mac (which doesn’t have IE), but doesn’t stream outside of the U.S., so I can’t confirm whether it works or not.