Hulu, please stop branding old sitcoms as "Hulu Originals"!

Hulu has been pushing this show called “Whites” (Labeled as a “Hulu Original”). So I figured, I’d give the show a chance.
Well, I loved the damn show, I watched all six episodes available. I go online to see when we might be getting more episodes. As it turns out, it’s a failed British sitcom from three years ago!

Dammit! The way Hulu was pushing this damn thing, you’d think it was the greatest show ever.


And how the heck did Whites fail? What’s wrong with you Brits? As much love as you give Gordon Ramsey, you can’t give this show a shot? :slight_smile:

What makes you think it’s a FAILED series? 6 episodes is a fairly cromulant length for a British show to run.

In North America a typical season for a TV show is 26 episodes.

Which is, in general, entirely too damn long.

I’m assuming that the OP’s show was not self-contained in those six episodes, so presumably it flopped rather than just having been planned as a single series show.

Anyway, Mongrels isn’t original either. It’s funny, though, and lasted two twelve-ish episode seasons. You should go watch it.

It’s a fairly typical series length, but many show have multiple series. I assume the OP figured had it been successful, it would have had multiple series of 6.

It should be labeled “Hulu Already Been Cancelled So Don’t Get Too Emotionally Invested In The Characters”


And Czarcasm wins the thread. :smiley:

They’re called Hulu Originals because Hulu is the original US distributer for the shows.

More like 22 episodes now. And that’s just broadcast shows with full season orders. More and more we’re seeing shows with 16 or less episodes per season. But since this isn’t an American show, none of that matters.

Well, look at the Office, which is apparently the end all and be all of British sitcoms. A grand total of 14 episodes. EVER. If that’s how long an incredibly successful show runs, 6 seems quite respectable for a less but still somewhat successful run.

[sup][sub]Also, I was making a wee bit of a joke about the length or lack thereof of British shows. Woosh.[/sub][/sup]