C'mon.. was I the ONLY one who watched Manchild??

Please, folks. Anthony Stewart Head in a SAUNA, for gods’ sake. :eek: Someone else must’ve watched this… Reactions? Thoughts? Explanations as to why the hell British shows appear to be 40 minutes long?

I saw it! Well some of it.
I’m a heterosexual male I’m afraid so ASH in a sauna didn’t really do it for me but the episodes I saw were fantastic. Witty, clever, interesting, everything a TV show should be and not aimed at idiots for a change.

I think it was shown as a half hour show on BBC over here in the UK. The BBC doesn’t have adverts which would explain why it was stretched out to 40 minutes if you watched it on a commercial channel. Either that or it was just 40 minutes long, I can’t remember.

Ah… the insertion of advertisements would indeed explain things. We just received the first episode over here on BBC America (my British buddies have been RAVING about it for weeks)… there are probably a few things we won’t “get” 'cause of the language differences, but there were still a good number of scenes that had me ROFL.

Well, I don’t expect everyone to have such an appreciation for the nummyness that is ASH. :wink: So it’s okay. Seems there’s enough eye candy to go 'round.

:: bounce :: Can’t wait for next week!!