Human basketball hoop?

Here’s another vague memory. Perhaps I dreamed this, but I remember seeing something on TV in which some unfortunate guy is bullied by being attached to a pole and required to hold out his arms in a circular pattern and interlock his fingers, so that the bullies can play basketball with him as the standard and hoop.

I think perhaps it was intended to be comedic.


I know this… but I’m blanking

The bullies are forcing the good guy to shoot hoops but he sucks. The guy who is forced to be the basket even tries to move his arms so the ball goes through.
“One Crazy Summer” maybe?

You might be right. I think I have to see the movie, but I did find one image online that suggests this might be the film. It doesn’t look the way I remember it, but that’s to be expected, and it is of the right vintage at least.

Pretty sure that’s it. Cusack’s character is even named Hoops, but it turns out it is one of those ironic nicknames.

I believe that Booger was the hoop.

Yeah, I know his name wasn’t Booger in that movie, but his name is always Booger.

It was mos def from One Crazy Summer. I loved that movie so much I wanted to take it out to see Better Off Dead and then try to awkwardly kiss it in the park.

Except when it’s Snot. :rolleyes:

Mos Def wasn’t in One Crazy Summer!


That’s how I read it at first. I tried picturing a very young Mos Def in the movie somewhere.