Humm... This toy commercial makes me think of something

SFW but not safe to have fluid in your mouth when you watch this.
Is this toy commercial wrong?

Very wrong?

Extremely wrong?

Very extremely wrong?

Or do I just have a filthy mind?

I don’t get it.

Thought this was gonna be the Oozinator.

Are you reminded of the Nick at Nite show On The Television which had a parody of Pee Wee’s playhouse that told kids to scream at the word of the day until you spit up blood? Because I was.

unfortuanately the Oozintor really sets the standard for perverse toys… a whale that spits water when you move its tounge? thats nothing compared to a gun you pump for a couple minutes to launch white “bio-ooze” at your friends. i dont see anythig knocking the Oozinator off the top of the perverse toys catergory.

That appears to be a real toy. Oh. My. God.

(The whale’s pretty suggestive, too, but man! The Oozinator all but comes with a cheesy gay porn soundtrack!)

Well there’s always that Harry Potter vibrator broom toy.