hurricaine damage in Queens N.Y.--wednesday afternoon

is the electricity still on in the Jamaica area of Queens, N.Y ?
It’s wednesday afternoon (NY time), and I’m trying to contact someone there.

You can try looking on Con Ed’s map.

thanks for the link!

Dropped the FemBot™ off at her dorm at Queens College in Flushing. They never lost power. It’s not too far from Jamaica.

The ConEd map shows numerous outrages in the Jamaica neighborhoods. My daughter, who lives halfway between St Johns University and Queens College, reports that the outages in her area are sporadic. In other words, they’re caused by lines down on individual streets and to houses rather than mass outages of entire blocks.

Of course, power outage doesn’t necessarily have any thing to do with landlines being down or cell towers being out of service.

True dat. They didn’t lose power in The Summit- the one on campus dorm at Queens College. She stayed with us from Sunday through yesterday in case they did. Better to be with family with heat, food, hot water, love, etc than be sleeping in the gym next door.

The trees down is pandemic and the residential stuff is lower on the list. I completely grok this but would be much less patient were I suffering loss of power, water, sewage, heat, food, etc.