Hurricane's a'comin' gotta run

It’s Monday night and Hurricane Floyd (“Andy, that boy needs a haircut.”) is coming my way according to the latest projections. I live in Savannah and we will probably have to evacuate at noon on Tuesday.
I’ve secured my house as best as possible and can only hope it’ll be waiting for me when I return. Of course I’m skeptical about 72-hr projections. There’s a lot of “weathermen” who couldn’t predict a snowstorm in Alaska in January much less where a hurricane is going to be 72 hours from now. Still, if the local authorities say go, we’ll have to go. With any luck, I’ll be able to get back by Thursday, Friday at the latest and we’ll have electricity, water, AOL ( :)), and so forth.

So until we meet again, I am forever…

Trumpy, the Trumpster, Trump-o-rama…

Best of lucks, Trumpy! See you around soon.

Luck, Trumpy. Make sure you come back and post to this thread so we’ll know you’re OK.


I’ve done hurricanes. Truly, best of luck, pal.


Yeah, and as MrKnowItAll said, get back to us, OK? Now get out of Dodge (for the moment).

They really need to use better names for hurricanes - how can anyone take one named “Floyd” seriously? We should call them something like Hurricane Brutus or Hurricane Attila - a name people could feel good about running from.

Good luck, trumps - hope it misses you by miles.

aseymayo: You think Floyd is bad? How about some of the other names for this year?

Gert, Harvey, Ophelia, Phillipe, Rita, Wilma

and next year:

Beryl (what’s a Beryl? :slight_smile: ), Ernesto, Nate

In 2001-04 we have a Chantal, Olga, Rebekah, Christobal, Gustav, Paloma, Wilfred, Odette, and Virginie. Spelling is, unfortunately, accurate. (unless I messed up somewhere)

I won’t even start with the Pacific names, but who makes the decisions on these, anyways?

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Rebekah??? What is it some spoiled little rich bitch from Beverly Hills? Next thing you know they’ll be spelling the names with y’s in wierd spots and dotting the i’s with hearts.

Be safe, Trumpster!

Floyd’s a brute. Currently beating the hell out of the Bahamas and projected to land somewhere in South Carolina. This is of course folly. Floyd, like any self-respecting hurrincane is going to do whatever the hell he wants to. Floyd could very easily cut across Florida into the Gulf, pick up speed and more power and slam into New Orleans. Naturally, broadcasting such possiblities would only distress people. But with hurricanes anything is possible.

Good luck to anyone fleeing the area. And make sure you keep an eye out for Gert too, she’s right behind Floyd.

Good luck Trumpy…I hope all goes OK…

Run, Trumpy, run! We’ll leave the lights on for ya in Atlanta!

A company that makes drawing pencils. They’re one of my favorites :slight_smile:

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Keep in touch, Trumpy, and post ASAP! Let us know you’re okay!

Rebekah, IIRC, is actually the Biblical spelling of the name.

My parents live in Jacksonville (although they’ll be moving to Cleveland in a week). They’re about 20 minutes away from the beach. My grandmother and an aunt live in Myrtle Beach, and if you’ve ever been to MB before, you know that pretty much everyone who lives there is no more than five minutes away from the ocean. I’m wondering if this hurricane will hit them both. I talked to mom earlier today while she was cleaning out her office at work, and she was talking to one of her colleagues who has a house on the ocean in Jax. He’s hosed.

Good luck to ya Trump. I know somebody who lives in North Carolina, and she lives right on a lake (ooops!!!). Last report was that the entire state is supposed to get hit.

Wow…I live in Houston, and I figure one of these hurricanes has my number on it…it’s a pretty bad year for them.

I wish you the best, Trump…post a thread and let us know how you’re doing.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Please be careful.

Strangely enough, I won’t mind this hurricane, being a Gulf Coast Floridian. I just put in a new back lawn, so the extra rainfall will do the yard some good.

Hope the Trumpster stays safe and dry. These damn things really suck when they get into the Gulf because they usually make a beeline for the Florida panhandle. Oh well, only 2 more months left this year for hurricane season.

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Well, it’s 10:30 and the hurricane is expected to pass by Jax about 50 miles east of the coastline sometime between 5and 10 am tomarrow. It is a huge category IV storm with sustained winds of 140 to 150 miles per hour. As Libby said, we are not on the beach but the winds could cause extensive damage to the older trees in the neighborhood. We have pine and oak trees that are almost 200 ft tall. The beaches area was evacuated and I-95 and I-10 are essentially parking lots for up to 200 miles as 1.5 million to 2 million people have fled the shore. It’s scary so pray for us. Oh, and Libby…my life insurance policy is paid up.

Libby’s Mom

I’m with ya, Trumps! I just fled Savannah, too. Left at 2:30 am, and still traffic. Heard it was a nightmare. Most everyone I know fled to Atlanta.
And I agree, Floyd??? Gert?? These are not good names for forces of catastrophic destruction. It sounds foolish to be fleeing from it. But with so many hurricanes, they’d run out of conquerors names eventually.
Good luck to all fellow refugees!